Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Question of the Day #273

Your comments to yesterday's post fascinate me. A lot of you answered that the one person, dead or alive that you'd like to spend time with is your grandmother. Isn't it amazing what an impact grandmothers have on our lives? 

I just think that's so cool.

And the other cool thing is that I got an email from one of my favorite regulars, Kristen, who suggested a couple questions for today. I think they are great follow ups to yesterday's topic.

1. What celebrity would you like to have dinner with?

2. Who is your favorite person to have dinner with these days?

I'd like to have dinner with Sarah Dessen. She's my favorite YA novelist and I'd like to think that if we shared a meal, her success might rub off me. No, seriously, I'd like to hear her tell her story.

And my favorite person to have dinner with these days is H. Doesn't matter if it's cheeseburgers and beer or foie gras and a Flowers blend, it's always a great time.




  1. Excellent questions! If I do say so myself! :-)

    1) If I could have dinner with any celeb, it would be Julia Child and/or Mario Battali. I need to know their success secrets, and if I should take the risk of quitting my reliable stable comfy job to do what I really want to do - cook.

    2) My most favoritest person to have dinner with these days, well that's tough. I mean dinner with my husband is always great, dinner with Lisa talking about her wedding is fun, but probably my friend Joette because we just have SO much to talk about ALL the time. Never a quite moment. And she just had a baby and she loves to "be real" about it. She's not like one of those oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh my baby this and that shoving photos down my throat, she's tells it like it really is and it's hysterical. And she can still talk about non-kids stuff too. I think I'm gonna call her right now actually!

    Love ya Suzie! Hope your day is going better than yesterday!

  2. Dinner with a celeb: Lisa Yee because she's funny and I find writer's are easy to talk to. If I picked the President or Donald Trump I'd probably spend more time eating than talking.

    Actual dinner: With my wife.

  3. I did spend quite a bit of time with my mom's mom before she died, so I was grateful for that. My dad's mom was a very grumpy lady and I'm not sure I would have wanted to spend more time with her. I NEED to spend more time with my dad while he's still alive, but he's not a very sociable sort and conversations with him are difficult.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! Thought I'd swing by.

    I'd like to have dinner with Anne McCaffrey, one of my literary heroines. Her books inspired me as a child, and that love of writing and reading grew into where I am today. She broke the gender boundaries in sci-fi and fantasy. I want to know where she thinks the genres are heading, and to just talk with her would be amazing.

  5. OK, My shallowness will shine through here :)
    I'd like to have dinner with Oprah or Whoopy.
    Fascinating women with great common sense who have come from nowhere and are the epitome of giving back. And tons of stories!

  6. I'd like to have dinner with Anthony Field, but I guess I'll have to settle with my husband for tonight. ;)

  7. I'd love to have dinner with Jen Lancaster, my favorite author. She cracks me up!

    When I actually get to sit down for dinner, my favorite companion these days is my funny little girl.

  8. Good question!

    I'd like to have dinner with Bill Clinton (in light of the news the last couple of days).

    My favourite people to have dinner with are my girlfriends - nothing like drinking good wine, eating food and good gossip.

  9. I'd love to have dinner with Jon Stewart. We could start talking about our days at The College of William of Mary and then move to politics, books, and everything else. LOVE HIM!

    My favorite person to have dinner with these days in my three year old niece. I adore her and she cracks me up. When we go visit we take her out to dinner with us and it's so fun.

  10. I'd like to have dinner with the Fourteenth Dalai Lama. To meet such a sincere and kind soul would be life changing.

    I always enjoy having dinner with any of my family or friends.

  11. Is it bad to say that my LEAST favorite people to have dinner with is Z? Actually my favorite person to have dinner with would be my husband who I rarely see these days since he's been working to much. As for a celebrity....I don't really have anyone in particlar. My first thought was Obama or maybe Charlaine Harris.

  12. I wish that blogspot would let me correct my typing/spelling errors rather than make me delete my post and start again. I'm going to blame my bad typing on a meatball high.

  13. Ok I would like to have dinner with Sarah P just to ask her "What are you thinking" I like her but she has a tendency to put her foot in her mouth.

    I enjoy having dinner with my wife.


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