Saturday, August 8, 2009

Question of the Day #276

I'm giving a cooking class tonight. I will instruct fledgling cooks on how to pan roast. I sear something in a pan and finish it off in the oven just about every day. So it's interesting to me that something so automatic to me is mystifying to others.

But I guess it's kind of like when my brother, the football coach, taught me how to toss and catch a football. I was pretty darn scared and doing that scream and duck girly thing at first, until he showed me how to hold my hands and grab for the ball.

If you had to give someone lessons, what skill would you teach?



  1. How to start a dialogue with themselves through little expertise. What's happening me? What am I doing? Where to I want to be? <3

  2. Hmmmm ... maybe piano, maybe baking (specifically and only) banana bread or making guacamole (two of my very few specialties! :-)), maybe certain types of writing ... or an entire course on Human Resources - ha! :-)
    I'm so impressed with your cooking skills ... I'm one of those you mentioned ... the whole thing mystifies me! :-) Have a wonderful class!

  3. Blogging! It seems to have been the only thing I've succeeded at.

    The whole 'pan searing' thing was something I didn't even hear about until a few months ago and now it seems it's everywhere. I know everyone else has been doing it for years!

  4. Cooking...but less for skill and more for shortcuts and quick, healthy meals for toddlers.

  5. How to headbang? ;)
    Just kidding as a former (and future) teacher, I've had to teach the basics to so many subjects many times. I love seeing the light bulb pop on in a child's head!

  6. I've recently been coaching someone on presentation skills. It's working and he's getting results :)

  7. Cooking for sure. Or how to use a freekin computer so people would stop calling me with their idiotic computer "problems" which really turn out to be human error, not a computer problem.

  8. Basketball - cross over, inside out cross over, stutter step, stop & go, small pivot foot, triple threat position, 5 top low post moves etc etc


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