Thursday, August 6, 2009

Question of the Day #274

Last night, I prepared a vat of Suzie Foods meatballs and offered them as the special at Sonny McLeans. Who would have thought Italian food at an Irish pub would have been such a hit?
We sold out. And as it turns out, I even have fans! The biggest little fans ever.

Sure, I love to cook. I've always loved to cook. But I've never had any training or illusions of culinary divinity. I'm a writer. That's who I am. But lately, I've been doing a lot more cooking than writing. I'm not unhappy about that, just surprised.

Have you ever surprised yourself by working at something you never thought you would?



  1. I wish I could have been there! I heard your meatballs were a hit!! Yay!

    For me - it's blogging. Never thought I would like it, but I do!

  2. Like the Professional Bridesmaid, I never thought I'd enjoy blogging either. I thought it was an odd thing for people to do. But I just kind of fell into it.

    I'm not a good cook at all. My boyfriend is, though, and I've found that's a GOOD thing. It's nice to have someone cook for you!

  3. Glad to hear you had success last nite - wish i was there to indulge - Going back to St Louis MO after 13 years in LA to recruit others into ACN...never thought I would be here, but life has its way & things are looking up!

  4. Wow ... aren't you talented?! I hopped on over to your other blog and, wow ... all those recipes and wonderful pictures! Love the picture too ... adorable!

  5. Who ever thought I'd be a professional mom?!

  6. Sounds like a fun and yummy night!

    Never could have imagined being an instructional designer. This profession was in its infancy when I was graduating high school and college.

  7. I always said you made great meatballs!!! Kudos.
    I was a teacher and I loved it, but my real love was flowers. Who knew? you never know where life lead will lead you.

  8. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought that I would be a single Mom. But I am, I'm good at it & I love it!

  9. Congratulations, Suzanne! That's so cool that your meatballs sold out!!! Guess I never expected to be the mom of a special needs kid, but it's been a wonderfully unique experience.

  10. Writing. I never thought I'd be interested in writing children's stories, up until a few years ago. Good luck with your cooking. Maybe you could write a cookbook!


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