Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Question of the Day #70

Oh, you knew it was coming. How could we play Questions without asking about your first kiss?

My first kiss took place in my driveway, playing spin the comb. Yes, comb. We didn't have a bottle, but because it was 1982 and everyone stuck combs in their back pockets so they could insta-feather their hair, we improvised.

KV, the boy I was madly in love with at the time, spun that comb. I pomised God I'd be good forever as it whizzed around and then stopped, shockingly enough, pointing at me. I braced myself for the fireworks. Then KV leaned forward, pecked me on the lips and readily wiped his mouth.

Romantic, huh? How was yours?



  1. Alright, I'll answer.

    My first peck came from DC on the playground during recess... in kindergarten. But that doesn't count. A few more pecks from "boyfriends" throughout elementary school, but again, nothing that counted. And nothing that was remotely memorable until...

    I was eleven years old and my "boyfriend" MC was the cutest boy in class. He lived down the street from me and after school, a bunch of the neighborhood kids would get together and do something - Kick the Can, Capture the Flag, whatever. Eventually, MC and I would disappear from the rest of the group into his treehouse (yes, he had an actual treehouse) to "make-out."

    But these were tight-lipped, dry, boring kisses. Until one day... MC and I were up in the treehouse on another one of our rendezvous and I could feel it coming. He was trying so desperately to make his move. Suddenly, there it was... in my mouth. He shoved his sloppy, fat tongue into my mouth and proceeded to jackhammer it in and out until I felt sick. It wasn't romantic. It wasn't special. And it wasn't good.

    I eventually found an excuse to get the hell out of there and run back home (where, of course, my mother questioned me because of the bizarre, confused look on my face - "DID HE KISS YOU?!").

    So my first official kiss was with MC. It wasn't great, but at least it was with a sweet boy in his lovely treehouse on a warm spring day.

  2. The year was 1991, and I was doing a favor for a theater major who needed actors for a final project in her Directing class.

    The role I was given in the ten-minute short involved several passionate kisses. And I was put opposite this girl who I sort of had a crush on. There were several rehearsals, but, if I remember correctly, my beautiful young colleague invited her beau to every one. Definitely helped dispel the fiction. Sigh.

  3. Braces clashed. Hard. Now that I think back on it, I'm really glad no one chipped a tooth.

  4. My first kiss was with MS during my freshman year of high school (I was a late kisser!) and it was very wet and plunger-like. Although he was a totally cute and incredibly sweet boy, the kiss was memorable in a not-good sort of way.

  5. I think my first kiss was in my grandma's yard and the other kids held down a neighbor kid, Jeff, on the ground so I could kiss him! (I was four or five!)

  6. My first "kiss" was in the 3rd grade when Danny Limburgh kissed me during dodgeball at PS 18 in Queens. My first "real" kiss was with MP at his house in Basking Ridge in like 5th grade. His tongue was all wet and big and weird. And it was daylight - for some reason I had always pictured it would be night time. It was terrible. It's a wonder I went on to kiss anyone else...

  7. He touched my tonsils with his tongue. That's all I'm sayin.'


  8. My first kiss was at Yosemite and the guy's name was Don Johnson! And yes, it was the 80s, and yes, I tamed my unruly curls into feathers (Ew!) He was adorable, it was deliciously soft and I still have a picture of us overlooking Yosemite Valley even though I never saw him again :)

  9. Um. I have no idea. There was a guy who I helped with some homework. He asked if he could thank me. I said yes, thinking it funny he was asking for permission to say thank you. Well, he dipped in for a quick peck on the lips. Quite startled me. I had no feelings for him in that direction. That was 8th grade, I think. I guess he didn't get the reaciton he was looking for. I don't remember avoiding him, but I hardly had anything to do with him after that. Was that my first? Dunno.

  10. Okay - dim and distant past here... My first kiss was with BC in 5th grade (1966 if anyone is counting...). He told me we should kiss and I agreed. Intense, interesting, and with the promise of more later (once we learned what we were doing...). I had fun. Never to be repeated (at least with BC). When I found out in 1982 that he had been killed in the military at age 21 I immediately fixated on that first kiss - now it was special. Rest in peace and I wish you'd had a chance to grow up and be real.


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