Friday, January 9, 2009

Question of the Day #65

Two people I care about just got dumped. There's nothing worse than falling from hopes so high. Trying to stand up straight under crushing feelings of hurt and hearing that horrible little voice repeat, "What did I do wrong?"

So my wish for them is that they feel less broken than yesterday. That they will heal quickly, and that when they are ready, they will have the courage to try and love again.

What is your wish for someone else today?



  1. A very dear friend from back home in Texas passed away this week.

    My wish is for all the lives he touched, whether through his music, art or a personality that made you both love him and want to pinch his little head off all at the same time, that they move on from mourning his death to celebrating his life.

  2. I am attending a baby shower tomorrow in the next state. My wish is for all of my family members to have a safe trip there. It's been snowing like a mother!

  3. A friend of mine is a self-employed plasterer, and business is reallllly slow right now. So slow, in fact, that he was able to come to my place this afternoon and fix up my bumpy bathroom walls, gratis! So especially since I somehow managed to benefit from his economic slump (how DO I do it? I offered to pay for lunch, but he refused, I swear), my wish is that things pick up soon and he will continue to be able to take care of his wife, baby, dogs, cat, house, business, employees...

    I also wish for everyone to have family support as strong as mine. You're the best Suzie!

  4. That a very dear young friend who recently had the courage to report to authorities that her father had been sexually abusing her so she could protect her sister.. find peace and happiness this year and throughout her life. Sending much love and positive energy your way little one..

  5. One of my friends has been out of work for over six months now. My wish for him is that he finds a job (and a good one!).

  6. I wish that we were not getting all the snow that is being predicted for tomorrow so that a young couple getting married on Saturday will have a wonderful wedding and a great honeymoon if they can fly out of NJ on Sunday.

  7. My husband suffers from migraines and we are going to be with his family for the next two days. My wish is that he has no miserable migraines so that we can all enjoy being together.

  8. I wish that the other dumpee is doing as well as this one is! :)


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