Sunday, January 11, 2009

Question of the Day #67

Yesterday, three Mikes and a gaggle of girls helped me with a little home improvement. We painted, scrubbed, scraped goo, sanded and discovered all sorts of amazing tricks.

For example, I had anticipated having to paint a hallway, but my home improvement guru friend, Krista, came over with the "Magic Eraser" and soon, every scuff in the house disappeared. Then she figured out how to install new doorknobs all over the house.

I learned how to squeegee windows two stories up while still on the ground. And the Mikes showed us how to repair lighting fixtures, replace toilet "guts" and switch out the wheels on sliding door screens.

What fix-it tricks have you learned lately?



  1. A little bit of coloured wax, hand warmed and shoved into scratches on the floor, is a bit of a miracle for unsightly scuffs and scratches on hardwood.

    Paint can hide a multitude of sins. ...and a paint scraper is a VERY handy tool.

    ...and to NOT fix everything with Scotch tape (as was done by the previous owners of my home). Sheesh!

  2. Wow! I'm impressed. All I can add is where the dogs have chewed the corners of our dark wood furniture, I've colored the nicks with brown Sharpie ink. Up close, you can still tell there's damage. From across the room, though, not so bad.

  3. Well, you just named one of mine -- installing doorknobs. And today, I learned how to paint a (your) popcorn ceiling! Oh what fun!!

  4. I love Magic Erasers. My girls like to color on walls. :)

    As for me, I had to learn how to drywall. The last owners of our home were do-it-yourselfers-but-don't-do-it-right. Instead of patching the hole in the wall, they put a cubby over it.

  5. Our previous owners were the same: do-it-yourselfers-but-don't-do-it-right so after 40 years of that, we have had a lot of fixing-right to do. And when all else failed they fixed everything with shoelaces (I'm not exaggerating)!!

    Lately I've learned how to re-grout tile, how to tile a floor (super easy), and how to build a shed from scratch. Next is a complete kitchen re-do... wish me luck.

  6. Duct tape the miracle problem solver!


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