Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Question of the Day #77

A friend of mine tagged me on Facebook with a "25 Things You Don't Know About Me." She wrote out 25 very cool things about herself and I thought, "What a great idea for The Question of the Day." Except who REALLY wants to hear 25 things about me or come up with 25 things about themselves?

Blogging is much like writing for teens. Get to the point fast before your readers lose interest. So let's start with five things (most of) you don't know about me:

1. I grind my teeth. In fact my front teeth are still killing me from last night.

2. I have lived in 15 different homes.

3. I love roadtrips and I'm usually willing to take off anywhere with no notice.

4. I make the best guacamole I have ever tasted.

5. I used to read in a treehouse as a child. That's where I learned to love books.

Okay, what are five things I don't know about you?



  1. 1) I like to look at cuts, especially the really gross, oozy bloody ones
    2) I like armpits
    3) I like guys with eyepatches
    4) I like guys with scars
    5) I like knives

    Am I a freak? Just showed these to H, we both agree I'm kinda weird.

  2. Kinda weird? Oh my. BTW, where do you even find guys with eyepatches? (Not that I'm looking for one or anything.)

  3. Why, on pirate ships of course. Argh!

    So Little Edna Oakley, would a guy sporting an eye patch, packing a knife, sporting scars and oozing sores be your dream man?

  4. They're hard to find but I'm always keeping an EYE out.

  5. Five is so much more managable - I still haven't done the 25 on Facebook because it's just too many!!
    1) I love short guys and guys with shaved heads, and I don't like skinny guys.
    2) I am a freekin awesome cook.
    3) I absolutely love to garden (who knew I'd turn out to be sally homemaker).
    4) I refuse to iron or sew, not because I think I'm above it, but because I've tried and I just suck at it.
    5) I used to live in Queens, NY til I was ~11. And now I really want to move out of the country but no one will go with me...

  6. BTW this is a wonderful question. I love those "getting to know you" emails. :-)

  7. Dear Sudabaki,
    Don't forget the armpits, but I guess that's a given . . . unless . . . let's not go there. But yes, he sounds super dreamy!! I'd prefer cuts instead of sores. Sores makes it sounds like he has a problem.

  8. L.E.O., like HE has a problem?

    To all the normal people out there, please redirect these scary answers by providing some sane answers.

    Thank you.

  9. Let's see, normal and sane... I'll do my best.

    1. I'm procrastinating right now.
    2. I gave up coffee when I was pregnant but picked it up again afterward, partly because it makes me feel like I'm out in the working world to get out of my home office for a coffee break.
    3. I lurk on most blogs I read and rarely post comments, although I love it when people comment on things I write. Not sure if it's laziness or fear.
    4. Aside from friends :) I don't miss living in LA and might not ever live in California again.
    5. I voted for Obama but it's still a little weird to see him on CNN sitting in the Oval Office.

  10. 1. I once hitchhiked from Las Vegas to Winnipeg. I'm not sure which was more miserable, the trip there or the 3 day bus ride back.
    2.I love the smell of plastic. New shower curtain, kiddie pools, wallet picture holders....
    3. I'm high maintenance when I sleep.
    4. I'm neurotic about my kids bathing every single day.
    5. I hate cilantro.

  11. 1) I don't like lead pencils. I can't eat if one is on the table.
    2) I like video games even though I'm bad at them.
    3) I was in the Academic Decathalon in high school.
    4) I took tennis lessons over several summers as a kid. (Still can't play.)
    5) I like guys with nice calves. (I would love to check out L.E.O.'s pirate dream guy, might be better than nice calves.)

  12. 1. I have a brief cameo in a music video.
    2. I have one tattoo.
    3. I've never tried a drug in my life.
    4. I'm a major homebody.
    5. My favorite comedian is Joel McHale.
    Yes, very random...

  13. I love your #5 reading in a treehouse by the way!

  14. I got tagged, too!!! Was it by Edie Hemmingway, I wonder? I will have to post something about this, as well. Your number five made me smile... very fuuny!

  15. 1...I lived in the Phillipines for 2 years when I was 3. I remember our maid Esther...she lived in a one room schack with about what seemed 50 other people.
    2...When my children are grown I would like to volunteer taking care of sick and/or abandoned newborns...just to give them love.
    3...I love the beach...the smells, the breeze, the warmth, the peacefulness.
    4...I cry watching pretty much every show!
    5...I lived on an 11 acre farm for 6 years and my family raised just about every farm animal imaginable. We survived off what we had on the farm...meat, poultry, eggs, fruits and veggies. It was one of the greatest times in my childhood.

  16. Wow. I don't know. I'm pretty transparent. Most of what people don't know about me is stuff I don't WANT them to know, but I guess I can think of a couple:

    1. I grew up going to Church of Christ, until I was about ten (if you're not from the South and you've even heard of CoC, you know how rare this tends to be).

    2. I'm a 5th generation native Californian.

    3. I'm part Cherokee.

    4. I still order my cheeseburgers plain.

    5. When I was five years old, I almost drowned in the Atlantic Ocean. Ever since, I've been very unenthusiastic about trying to swim in the Atlantic again.

  17. You already know everything but I shall attempt to surprise...
    1) I see your guacamole and challenge it with my salsa
    2) I signed up to play tennis with the ladies in my sister's neighborhood
    3) I have 5 tattoos but only one has any real meaning - I can't imagine who I would be today having not experienced what that tattoo represents.
    4) One of the first memories of my life was the day my sister Sarah was born. I was 2-1/2 & remember every detail of that day.
    5) I haven't had a pedicure since before Lucy was born.

  18. LMAO @ the guys in eyepatches. Gotta get me one of those!

    1. I clench my teeth when I sleep.
    2. I hated school.
    3. I can't use chopsticks.
    4. I love pirate music.
    5. I have a brain aneurysm (tiny one)

  19. Things YOU don't know about ME? I talk about myself all the time, so this may be impossible...

    1) I just learned to salsa dance
    2) I think someone might have broken a bone in my foot whilst salsa dancing
    3) I have a kidney stone. In my kidney, that is.
    4) I ate braised pork belly about a year ago.
    5) I have 25 belts.

  20. 1. I can smell just about anything - like a bloodhound. Not a good trait.
    2. I love video games (especially the war games like Medal of Honor).
    3. I buy broken iPods on Ebay, fix them and sell them.
    4. I can't have anymore children:(
    5. I was on the 60-second romance on MTV in the 90s.

  21. Interesting lists here.

    1. I used to grind my teeth a lot but since I had the braces, that seems to be much better.

    2. I clench my butt muscles all the freaking time and am trying to be aware of that and relax them.

    3. I have almost no sense of smell, or it's just unreliable. Comes from having a stuffed up nose most of my childhood.

    4. Reading was my favorite escape from my crazy family during my childhood (and some of my adulthood). The bathroom was an awesome place for a little peace and quiet and great reading time (problem was - we only had one bathroom). I would've loved a treehouse to escape to.

    5. I like knives and guns and such but don't own any anymore. And I'm not sad about that either. Used to have a teflon coated boot knife that was a favorite of mine. No idea what happened to it.

  22. 1. I have never used an airplane toilet
    2. My socks are organized by colour
    3. I love editing with a red pen
    4. I hate talking on the phone
    5. At least 6 different people throughout my life have told me I look like Lady Di (I'm assuming the alive version)

  23. 1. I don't like when people pick from my plate unless invited to.
    2. I hated when the teacher would miss a spot on the chalkboard after she erased. So much so that I became the "Teacher's Pet" and would offer to erase the chalkboard every day after school.
    3. I love the smell of wet cement. After my siblings and I were done playing with the water when I was young I would lay face down on the driveway and be in heaven.
    4. I bite my nails obsessively.
    5. I've always wanted to be a stunt woman.

  24. I apologize for my tardiness. I'm a couple days late responding. But here goes anyway...

    1) I still sing into my hairbrush while getting myself ready in the bathroom.

    2) I know sign language.

    3) I won an big award for playing "Anita" in West Side Story as a senior in high school.

    4) I am left-handed, also bowling and throwing with my left hand. However, I bat and golf right-handed.

    5) I had my own blog for about five years. I stopped writing it exactly a year ago.

  25. Pedicure? What's a pedicure Beck?

    1. i hate sports and work in a sports bar. the red sox could disappear tomorrow and the only thing it would hurt is my bank account.

    2. i don't like any hands besides mine touching my laundry fresh out of the dryer.

    3. i have moved 6 times in last 3 years.

    4. i'm addicted to trader joe's salted pita chips.

    5. my closet is color coordinated.


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