Friday, January 30, 2009

Question of the Day #86

Hey bloggers, I really like that you really like so many of your body parts! And since we're all feeling groovy about our physical attributes, I think we should move on to our personality traits.

What's one personality trait you like about yourself?

I'm spontaneous. If you called me right now and said, "Hey Suzanne, wanna head up to the central coast/Big Bear/Vegas/San Fran/San Diego or anywhere north of the border?" (Insert flashbacks of very bad spontaneous midnight trip to Mexico with a stranger here and rethink whether or not spontaneity is good.)

I'd say, "Okay."

And I like that about me. What personality trait do you like about yourself?



  1. My sense of humour. It's something I get from my dad, and has helped me with so many things in life, including being able to laugh at myself. It is also a huge filter for me in determining whether I will like someone or not.

  2. I would it's that I try to see things from other points of view beyond my own. That just makes it harder for me to have definite opinions though and I sometimes feel wishy washy. As I get older I'm pretty good about not taking things personally. I'm not as narcissistic and I realize that most things don't really have anything to do with me. It's really made having online friendships much easier.

  3. I think patience, empathy, and a rollicking!!! sense of humor!!??????

  4. I like V's idea also aboout those security words!
    chylpor - an ancient word for a light powdery snow that falls only at night.
    wadaya think?

  5. I'm pretty laid-back and a take-it-as-it-comes type person. Kind of strange in itself, considering how conservative I am.

  6. I'm a glass half full person.

  7. I sparkle.

    Literally. We're playing with glitter.

  8. Oh wait. That's a physical attribute. Personality trait? Well, according to my word verification I am "frusad." Hmm...that sounds like a depressed girlie girl. Not so relevant.
    Anyway, I'm a grateful person. I realize, daily, how incredibly lucky I am. Life is wonderful. Not perfect, but still wonderful. I wasn't always able to see the good. It's delightful.
    Thanks for putting up with me...I'm a bit delirious.

  9. I'm super disciplined. I set a goal--I make it happen. There's no science, no luck, all hard work and will. I love it! I never have anything to complain about because every step of the process whether I make it or not was a leap and bound to get better :)


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