Monday, January 12, 2009

Question of the Day #68

How do three Mikes and a gaggle of girls get adirondack chairs from an upper deck to a lower deck without walking them down the stairwell they won't squeeze into?

They use the only rope like material they can find, a telephone cord, (yes, seriously) tie it to the chairs, and drop them over the side.

Three Mikes and a Gaggle of Girls = HGTV: The Circus Version.

But it worked!

What creative solutions have you come up with lately?



  1. Nothing that creative!! nice work!

  2. Oooh very impressed... I made a bath tub for Lucy. Yes, a bathtub. Here's the deal - La Princessa had outgrown her baby bath & I don't have a working stopper for my tub. I bought a Rubbermaid under the bed storage box (you know - the long, shallow box) & cut a hole at one end the same size as her baby bath drain. Then I removed the drain ring & stopper from the baby bath and installed it in the rubbermaid box, lined the box with a padded tub liner and...Voila! Toddler Tub!!

  3. My Christmas lights always got tangled up when I put them away, so I cut the bottom of a box out and wrapped the lights around the cardboard. Other than that, I'm usually not too creative, my husband has to help me with those kind of organizing tips!

  4. Being that I am a high school technology coordinator responsible for all the online content management at my school, I have come up with a creative way to use a free online tool to organize all our information online. The tool is and it is really incredible and easy.

  5. I have a row of pennies lining the edge of my kitchen counter. We can't get our 10-month old puppy to keep her fat paws off the counter, so I put them there as a deterrent/alarm. The crazy thing is, it seems to be working! For now, anyway.


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