Saturday, January 17, 2009

Question of the Day #73

When H and I go our favorite bar, sometimes the Question of the Day comes up in conversation. So I take notes, jotting down questions that might work. I usually find crumpled scraps from the register feed in my purse, but this morning it's a napkin.

It reads:
  1. What's something you know better now than when you were younger?
  2. Who owns the bicycle? (Yes, seriously.)
  3. Am I right?
  4. So why aren't you doing it?
  5. What's your favorite drink to order in a bar? (Figures we'd come up with that.)
  6. Mr. Wonderful or Mr. Natural?
  7. What's your theme song for today?
  8. Where do you find comfort?
  9. What's the coolest thing on two feet?
  10. Where would you bury the body?

Here are my answers:

  1. I'd like to think I know when to shut up, but I apparently, I don't.
  2. Doc.
  3. Usually.
  4. I'm tryin'.
  5. Bud Light.
  6. Mr. Real.
  7. Gimme Shelter.
  8. In my writing.
  9. H.
  10. I better not ever have to answer that.

Your turn! How would you answer our tipsy stabs at philosophy?



  1. What's something you know better now than when you were younger?

    Way too many things to name. How about: I thought I knew it all when I was younger. Now I know I don't know it all.

    Who owns the bicycle? (Yes, seriously.)

    My wife, I suppose. There's one in the garage but neither of us use it. Needs new tires, I think.

    Am I right?

    I'd rather be happy.

    So why aren't you doing it?

    Countless reasons (excuses) but I'm plowing through them.

    What's your favorite drink to order in a bar?
    (Figures we'd come up with that.)

    Dunno. Don't go to bars these days. A long time ago it was Seagram's VO and coke. Now it'd be more like water, herbal tea, soy milk. Major lightweight.

    Mr. Wonderful or Mr. Natural?

    Ms. Down to Earth - at the very least sticky taped to Terra Firma.

    What's your theme song for today?

    Hot Stuff is on the mind-pod right now.

    Where do you find comfort?

    My wife's arms.

    What's the coolest thing on two feet?

    My wife.

    Where would you bury the body?

    There are lots of good places, but no perfect ones. I guess I'll have to go with not having bodies to bury. Too messy anyway. ;-)

  2. 1. (I agree with Sarah) I know now that I do not know everything and that learning is a very exciting part of living.

    2. Me. I have an awesome blue bike... which I just now realized matches my awesome blue bowling ball.

    3. I try really hard to be right, but no, I am not always right. And, again, as I get older, that is much easier to admit.

    4. Fear... of failure. And maybe a little procrastination.

    5. Used to be a White Russian. Now, hmmmm... wine, perhaps?

    6. Mr. Perfect-For-Me. My husband just came up to me, out of nowhere, while I was typing the first couple answers and said, "I love you so much that it's even more than yesterday, and I didn't know that was possible." He's Mr. Everything to me.

    7. "Starlight" by Muse.

    8. In my friends. And my dog. And my Mom.

    9. Lucy... when she's balancing on her two back paws to reach up for a treat.

    10. That's a new one... hmmm. I don't even like that I'm trying to think of a place. Horrible! But I'll get back to you on that... :)

  3. OMG! Where does one begin? I guess at # 1.: )
    1. Everything and nothing
    2. stationery only
    3. All the time and never.
    4. I need to figure out what my IT is.
    5. pinot anywhere
    6. Mr. Walt
    7. "Baby it's cold outside"
    8. My garden for sure. I will have to wait awhile.
    9. W
    10.depends who ; )

  4. Krista!! a blue bike and a blue bowling ball.
    Impressive. I'm going to get you a blue paint brush.

  5. Now that's a list!
    1. Pretty much everything...I wish I would have traveled more before having kids!
    2. Not me
    3. Probably!
    4. Because I'm procrastinating!
    5. Coors Light in a bottle
    6. Mr. Makes Me Laugh
    7. "Human" by the Killers
    8. in a hug from my family
    9. any of my kids
    10. I would so never be in that situation.

  6. 1. Don't sweat the small stuff.
    2. All of us.
    3. Of course you are, and so am I!
    4. It's not time for it yet.
    5. Wine, beer, margarita or a Mai Tai. (LOL)
    6. Mr. Wonderful
    7. "Moody Blue" by Elvis
    8. Anywhere I can!
    9. Anthony
    10.Flush that sucker.

  7. 1. How to listen
    2. My kids.
    3. Damn straight!
    4. Because I'd rather be doing something else.
    5. I can't remember the last time I ordered something in a bar!
    6. Mr. Solvang
    7. This is What I Do (Rhett Miller)
    8. With my family
    9. An Emperor Penguin? A polar bear?
    10. We did just flush a fish down the toilet...

  8. 1. That most things aren’t a big deal.
    2. Huh? This one hurts my brain.
    3. Sometimes.
    4. I’m trying, I’m trying…get off my back.
    5. Water.
    6. Mr. Naturally Wonderful
    7. I was at Americana today in Glendale and they played You're The First, The Last, My Everything by Barry White during the water show. It made me feel happy. I’ll go with that.
    8. Destructively in food. Neutrally in reading. And of course with my family.
    9. Barry White?
    10. If I told you I’d have to bury you too.


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