Thursday, January 15, 2009

Question of the Day #71

Now that we've discussed all sorts of bad kissing, we really should try to focus on the positive. So what about your best kiss?

Deciding this is tough. I've had some amazing kisses. Moments where it's like the kisser and I were going to a whole other place, but I'm not going there, here. I'll leave it at the one that stands out the most.

J and I could never figure out if we were crazy about each other or BFFs or what. After a routine breakfast at Rock and Roll Denny's, where we did more newspaper reading than acknowledging each other, midway to the car in the parking lot, he turned around, grabbed me and kissed me. My stomach flipped. Stunned. But then my hands rose to the back of his neck and I kissed him back.

It was a movie kiss. People walked and drove around us and we were totally unaware of anything but kissing.


Okay, your turn. What was your best kiss?



  1. Probably the night I met my hubby...I tipsy and ended up making out with him for hours in a bar... Too much PDA I know...we were teased mercilessly later for it. Well, that may not have been the BEST kiss with him, but the first of many good ones! :0)

  2. Is it bad that I can't think of one??

  3. Is it good that I can't narrow one down?

  4. My first date with my wife. I was nervous, shuffling my feet, blushing, everything. I think she took pity on me and leaned in before I could implode. Then I did implode. *sigh* Nothing like being a schoolgirl at 45.

  5. I've got as good one. I was kissing a guy once... we were in a bar, but I knew him. The bar had a front room and a back room and we were sort of in a hall that connected the two. Anyway, we were kissing, when suddenly a bus boy came up and starting whacking me on my head and back. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I asked in shock. "Putting out the fire," was his response. Apparently,the kiss was SO good, I hadn't noticed that my hair had been too close to a candle and I was going up in flames!

  6. Look, sorry to say so, but I just have to. Now that I've been happily married for 22 years, the best kissing for me is a back scratch. Yes, I enjoy being scratched more than being kissed. Perhaps that's what happens when you've shared a bed with the same man for 25 years. Let me know when you reach that point.

  7. Oh. I love having my back scratched. But I always have.


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