Saturday, October 1, 2011

Question of the Day #1,070

Last night I sang backup for a friend's band. I've sung karaoke many nights. I've performed at most of my friends' weddings. But I've never gotten on stage with a full band in a bar for an actual set of songs.

I was scared.

It didn't help that the harmonies were really weird. Not straight forward thirds like the harmonies that wail in an Eagle's song. I had to really fight to find these.

That fact that I was shaking didn't help.

But after the first song, I shook a little less. And by the time I sang lead, I was ready. And it was good.

Yesterday, when fear was taking over, I kept reminding myself that it's good to do something I'm afraid of. And it was.

What have you been afraid to do? How did you feel when you did it?



  1. Woo-hoo! That was really brave of you, and you ended up singing lead. I'm so impressed. I sang alone with a guitarist in high school once. It scared me to pieces.

  2. Open mike critique at my first SCBWI retreat (think 8 years ago or so when my writing was ... well ... not so good)

    Felt relieved and glad I wasn't at the end of the list.

    Jim Danielson(who could not sign in to post)

  3. Far out! I sang for a short time in a jazz trio. I think I was always nervous/scared/afraid the first few songs. I was always most afraid that I'd forget the words.

  4. Good for you! I bet no one noticed you were scared.
    Heck, every weekend when I gear up for my 3 mile run I am scared. Stupid, but I am.


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