Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Question of the Day #1,087

A Facebook friend posted this yesterday. And I while I completely agree with #1-4 (although I'm still working on #2), I am at total odds with #5, "Expect Less."

In the past, when I've expected less, I have actually limited myself. In a way, settled.

For me, expecting more is manifesting a better life.

How do you feel about these rules?



  1. There are thousands of plaques out there like this one, and I find "rules" such as these meaningless. Sure, it's good advice to "be happy," et cetera, and I think they're just as useless as a motivational tool. So there :Þ

    Having said that, let's have some fun.
    #1 Free your heart from hatred - Easier said than done for folks that have been burned, but probably true.
    #2 Free your mind from worries - Another obvious bit of advice that is even more impossible to most people. (without sticking your head in the sand to avoid worries - which is bad advice, IMHO)
    #3 Live simply - I try to.
    #4 Give more - again, I do. The trick is not to give to the lazy, the undeserving, or those that feel entitled.
    5# Expect less - I agree with you on this. This bit of wisdom sounds like it was written by someone that wants you to give more, the church maybe? Instead of "expect less," you could substitute "Demand more," but from yourself, not from others.

  2. Hmm, I tend to agree with you, unless expect less means not to feel entitlement, which isn't necessarily healthy.
    Live simply and give more are probably the easiest to actually do, although freeing oneself from hatred and worries would be a wonderful thing. I'm still working on that...

  3. I'm anti rule guy to begin with, so not impressed with this list of happiness. Especially the "expect less" rule....must have been written by a non american or one with a trust fund.

  4. I'm good at 5, that way I'm always pleased when I end up getting more!

  5. I agree, shoot for the stars!!

  6. In this case I would take "Expect less" to mean to not have so many expectations as in; expecting someone to do something that they don't do, expecting it to be sunny tomorrow for the picnic and its raining, expecting the puppy not to pee on the rug and then it does, expecting our significant other to change and not changing, expecting our meal at the restaurant to be perfect and it turns out to be too salty.

    There are tons of things we expect on a daily basis. Each one of those expectations, when it isn't met, can lead to disappointment, dissatisfaction, anger, being unhappy, etc., all of which takes energy away from being/living in the present. So in that sense, "Expect Less" is a good rule.

  7. I like the guidelines! :)
    1. I feel like I'm doing pretty good at that. There are a few people I still "hate" like the guy who has stolen over a thousand bucks from me. But I try to just deal with that and not have it pour over into the rest of my life.
    2. I fail at this. I over-worry. All the time.
    3. Being ridiculously poor, I am forced to do this, haha!
    4. I try and give when I can ;).
    5. I feel like expecting less is being pessimistic while expecting more is being optimistic. I don't completely agree with this, however I can see why some would agree.


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