Monday, October 3, 2011

Question of the Day #1,072

I've been facilitating customer service trainings lately. Teaching how to set the tone of a customer interaction, how to deal with irate customers, how to ask effective questions - stuff like that.

It's a lot of fun. My goal is to keep them laughing and engaged. That way, the participants are eager to share their experiences.

It's weird to think of myself as a teacher, but that's what I'm doing - teaching.

If you were to teach something, what would you teach?



  1. If asked, I'd teach a writing workshop, but other than that, probably high school history.

  2. I popped over from Yvonne's blog to say hi. Hi.

    I'm hardly an excerpt on any subject, craft or trade to teach, but probably music - piano specifically.

  3. Oh yikes. I'd LOVE to teach writing, but I'm not really qualified. I'm just passionate about it :-)

  4. I love teaching. I'm teaching kindergarten now and I adore it. I also used to teach 3rd and 4th grade, that was fun too!
    So any grade school!

  5. I done a fair amount of teaching in my life (no degree or anything, as a tutor and/or aide.) Teaching writing and history have always been my favorites.

  6. I think I'd keep on teaching writing, karate and Sunday school--but it would be cool to teach older people technology skills.

  7. I homeschool. My boys never let me stop teaching. Shoot me.

  8. That's so funny! I have taught many computer lessons before. But rats, I hate teaching. I am just too impatient, to be honest. :p


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