Saturday, October 8, 2011

Question of the Day #1,077

It's like this
The moon shines white over dark rippled waters
Stars dot the clear after-rain sky
Waves thunder
And we wait
in the cold sand
As the white yellows
The shine fades
And the orange moon
Sinks out of sight

Did you see anything interesting last night?



  1. A harvest moon? Sounds like a wonderfully sensory evening.
    I thought I saw a bird of prey swoop over the sand. Every once in awhile I see an osprey but it's rather rare. This time I couldn't be sure.

  2. OMG!!The moon was sooooo bright, I thought someone was shining a flashlight in my face!!!
    I asked my visiting family if anyone was awakened and there were blank stares!! Guess the VT air put them right out :)

  3. Last night, I saw some old friends play in a band at a local cafe. It made me want to join another one. Those were the days of my life.

  4. Last night, I went to a club with my boyfriend to see our favourite DJ play! I saw a bunch of sketchy people when I was coming home. And lots of raccoons on my walk home!


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