Friday, October 21, 2011

Question of the Day #1,090

"I love this song," H said.

"This song kills me," I replied. "It has that raw desperation, that crazy yearning that you only feel in your 20's, you know?"

"Yes. When things are so dire and important that you feel like you'll die without him."

"That line 'I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited, but I couldn't stay away. I couldn't fight it' kills me. I think of the things I did when I was kid. Just showing up at a bar - out of the blue. Hoping he'd be there. Or those moments at Mansfield, when I'd walk out of the kitchen and boom - he'd be there. Standing in the backyard. My stomach would bolt. My knees would shake. I'd say something profoundly stupid. Those moments were everything."

"I know. But can you imagine doing that now? Just showing up at someone's house uninvited?"


"What if another girl was there? Or what if he didn't want to see you? You can't do that now. Now you have text or call or make a plan."

"Right. It's like those scenes in movies, where the person realizes they just can't live without that other person. So they run, through the rain, to the other person's front door in the middle of the night. Then they bang on it and profess undying love."

"Without texting to find out if that person is home? No way."

"That's so sad! It's like technology has sucked all the spontaneity and romance out of life."

"That's exactly what it's like."

What do you think? How has technology affected the way you live and love?



  1. I have mixed feelings about how high tech we've become. I thought of that especially when I watched the footage of Qaddafi being killed right before my eyes yesterday. It's a sad day when we can watch people die just like we can watch a rerun of I Love Lucy. Technology has changed us in so many ways -- some good, some not so good, some really bad.

  2. I agree with Rena. I love technology. But no one can ever call up someone cute and hang up when they are nervous because of caller id. (not that I'd do that now, I'm married. :) But I mean my daughter in future years). Also, everything is laid out in facebook. No mystery. Did anyone see that How I Met Your Mother about this? It was funny.

  3. My husband and I have been together for 37 years. He has always worked 9 to 12 hrs a day and can't talk on the phone when he has customers in his office. We love sending each other text messages to just say hi or ask a quick question.

    I also love keeping in touch and seeing pics of my grown-up nieces and nephews on facebook.

  4. The convenience can't be denied, but when there is a choiceI hate to see converstion, with all its human nuances, replaced by a text. I mean, how does LOL replace peals of laughter at something delightful? Fabulous song!

  5. I'm hoping technology gets to the point where my robot, who coincidentally looks just like Jennifer Lopez, can do my food shopping for me.

    I only hope it can cook.

  6. I think it makes it easier to stalk but tougher to be spontaneous. This song IS so raw--I was just thinking that the other day!


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