Saturday, October 22, 2011

Question of the Day #1,091

My neighbor has decorated with orange pumpkin lights and a skeleton that does a crazy Vincent Price "Thriller" laugh.

So every few minutes I hear, "A haaaaaa haaaaa haaaaaa! A haaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaaaa haaaaa!"

Giggle inducing at first. But yesterday, when I had to shut my windows during a conference call, lest the participants hear the cackle - not so funny.

How do your neighbors decorate for Halloween?



  1. That would drive me crazy!

    My condo board, which I'm on, doesn't allow noisy decorations, so whatever decorations my neighbors put up are within the confines of their units!

  2. Living in Sicily, we get a miss on the Halloween festivities--but I haven't decided yet whether that's a blessing or a curse!


  3. It's a pretty festive community here, and it's great!! Some people create haunted caverns in their garage. Lots of impromptu graveyards, cobwebs, and ghosts. Jack-o-lanterns all over the place. Everyone is pretty respectful though and the spooky noises are only played on All Hallows Eve.

  4. Not really too much, some pumpkins, cob webs for the kiddos...

  5. There is someone down the street who has a bunch of RIP sign things at their place... I'm not into it ... someone else with a huge spider web and spider ... oh yeah I'm scared of spiders lol!


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