Sunday, October 9, 2011

Question of the Day #1,078

A few years ago, my parents gave me an outdoor heat lamp as a Christmas gift. Since then, that heat lamp has stood over endless hours of porch talk, heaps of mac and cheese and some serious Scrabble tournaments.

It's one of my favorite belongings. A perfect practical gift for me.

What practical gift have you been given?

(I'm already imagining someone replying with a story about her husband giving her a lawnmower or vacuum cleaner for their anniversary. Aye aye aye.)



  1. That's pretty cool! I love receiving practical gifts. Although, to be honest, most of the things I receive aren't very practical. I like the gift of clothes though, if I like the clothes, because they are always useful! I hate it when people get you useless things that are just going to sit around the house! So frustrating. I make a point to always get at least semi-useful gifts! I'm giving my sister a keyboard for her laptop as part of her bday gift this year! Practical? Yes.

  2. Oh forgot to mention it is my birthday in a couple weeks, hoping for some practical gifts, lol!

  3. Oh, a heat lamp sounds cool, especially for where I live. I could totally get into that.

    A practical gift we were given when we first moved to Montana was a boot dryer. Coming from CA, my husband and I both looked at it and were like, "HUH?" I can't tell you how much we use that thing for boots, gloves, etc ...

  4. Also, we use the boot dryer to dry out the liners in our Camelbaks!


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