Sunday, October 31, 2010

Question of the Day #733

Today I'm working at a haunted house and Halloween party. I'm not sure what my responsibilities will be. Maybe I'll get to pop out of a coffin and scare people. Or maybe I'll hand out candy. I have no idea. So I'll have to report about it tomorrow.

What are you doing today?



  1. Nothin' :)
    We are too far away from any trick or treaters to see any of the fun. But we are looking forward to seeing pictures of our granddaughters dressed for Halloween!

  2. No trick or treaters to our house. We'll be at home reading no doubt.

  3. Started off brushing the snow off of the cars, then on to ballet, cleaned up the garage a bit, got the house decked out for Halloween. Then got myself and K dressed up to go out trick or treating. I'm hoping to pass out shortly -- I'm beat. :)

    Happy Halloween everyone!

  4. Drove home from Penn State, then went food shopping. Can you tell I don't have kids? And that I hate Halloween??? ;-)

  5. I transplanted lettuce and parsley in my greenhouse and dug purple potatoes and then roasted a little chicken and made gravy to go with the potatoes and braised beet greens and made an apple crisp. I fixed bags of candy for trick or treaters but we only had six. Now I'm looking at a bunch of candy and trying to resist. To round out the night I'm catching up on blogging and then I will retreat to my WIP.

    Happy Halloween Suzanne. I've never worked at a haunted house. Bet it was fun.

  6. Snow White and I had a lazy morning, took a nice long drive (good for napping) this afternoon and found ourselves anjoying an unexpected visit with my sister. Then she put on her ball gown, tiara & new rain boots and ran around the neighborhood with Ariel shrieking and yelling "Tick or Treat"! It was a great day -Happy Halloween!!

  7. Got all the candy ready and enjoyed (since it's now Monday!) all the little buggers in their costumes. When it was all over, I wound up with leftover candy and a stray kitty that followed one of them to my porch. He can join the other two!


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