Friday, October 8, 2010

Question of the Day #711

Yesterday, C and I went for a walk as her four year old peddled a pink bike with training wheels next to us. When the little one didn't want to ride anymore, C and I each grabbed a handle of the bike and began doing arm curls.

Next, we pushed back and worked our triceps. We giggled as we pushed the bike high over heads and then switched arms and did the same sets all over again.

"You gotta work out however you can!" C said as a car passed by and the person in the backseat turned around to stare at us.

How do you manage to squeeze a workout into your day?



  1. Playground equipment rocks as exercise equipment. ;)

    When my kids were home for the summer, they would bike while I ran. We'd go to a playground and I would use the equipment as though it were a gym.

  2. Being (ahem) retired, I have time. I walk three days a week, do weights two days a week, and water aerobics 4 days a week.

  3. I just live my life. For me, it's about doing things I enjoy doing: running and playing with my daughter, vigorous gardening and housework, going for walks in the woods, playing volleyball every week, etc. I never feel that I have to fit these in because they are a part of me.

  4. Squatting to pick up Legos, Nerf bullets, Matchbox cars, clothes and other random crap off the floor--all. day. long.

  5. I walk my kids to school as much as possible, run around with them like a crazy person and hit the gym on the weekends. ; )

  6. Ha! I bet that was a funny sight! I usually do the treadmill and Wii fit, but we trashed the treadmill last week in our purging of our house as it wasn't working right. Right now I am packing boxes so that is my workout . I really should stop and do my situps though too. Haven't done those in a week!

  7. I play tennis at least twice a week & run around after my 2-1/2 year old. In the office, if I need something from a co-worker, I get up and walk to their desk rather than e-mail or call them.

  8. After work today (which is often a workout itself) I helped decorate for a HS homecoming dance. Son and daughter both teach there and son is student activity director. Additional side benefit: It doesn't hurt to hang around HS kids when you write YA.


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