Monday, November 1, 2010

Question of the Day #734

Last night's haunted house was like a Disneyland attraction. Hundreds of parents and kids lined the sidewalks, waiting to enter a maze of terror. Kids with bloodied, scarred faces stared me down as strobe lights mangled their images. Hands flew through hidden holes in black walls and grabbed at me as I walked by. Screams echoed from all angles.

It was like a Hollywood production. In someone's house.

What "over the top" Halloween event/costume/thing did you experience yesterday?



  1. I didn't experience anything over the yesterday. But once many years ago in LA I went to a transvestite ball...

  2. One house had their Christmas decorations out yesterday. That was pretty crazy!

  3. Nothing yesterday, but I did freak quite a few people out with my B.A. Baracus costume Saturday night. Luckily, the rest of my A-Team backed me up--my teenage son didn't even complain about my using a curling iron to feather his hair for his role as Face!

  4. I just stared into the abyss yesterday - that place is creepy as all get up!

  5. My favorite costume was Friday night at the bar - Gumby with a beer dancing all night. Funny as heck, but perhaps not exactly over the top.

  6. Well, S had her very first H experience. Ms. Lady Bug, at first did not know what the plan was. After the first house, she got the gist.
    Smile, (Who knows what she said, but "ank ou" followed the contribution to her pumpkin bag).
    At 15 months I thought that was a riot.
    Now her cousin S. K. (5 plus!) knew the ropes. Wish I could have been the fly on the walls for them:)

  7. Nothing yesterday, except I was surprised how many people were out with their dogs dressed up in costumes. I saw a pug dressed like a chicken, a German shepherd dressed as Batman, etc ...

  8. Nothing over the top ... just way too many older teenagers trick-or-treating! :-)

  9. While in New York there was this big oafish guy dressed as a blue Care Bear, except that the costume was cut out where the white part of the belly is and his White Gut was hanging out and had sparkles on it. Funny!


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