Saturday, October 23, 2010

Question of the Day #725

Last night I attended my friend N's birthday party at a club in The Valley. I guess I got what I deserved, but wow, the butt clenching tight stone washed jeans, the spandex, teal, one sleeved dress with the hip cut out and hair bumped and the three dudes in flannel doing the running man in the middle of the bar area were seriously stunning.

It was like The Valley meets The Jersey Shore.

When have you been a in situation that made you feel like the most stylish person in the room?



  1. I would say every single day.... but you want something special.

    The best for me was when I was anything BUT the most stylish in the room. I was in Philly and the wife and friends met up with me after a full day of drinking (me drinking, not them). I was in shorts, flipflops, and a tshirt but they were all dressed up. Instead of going to a place that would have me, we went to the nicest restaurant we could find. I walked up like I was somebody trying to be nobody and asked for a table. The hostess was just starting to give me a look when I added, "Can you find something upstairs in VIP? I'm not really dressed for tonight." She went from about to tell me to piss off to mistakenly thinking I was someone important. She went and checked with the manager and they cleared up a place in the VIP area. In the five minutes we had to wait I went to the bar and ordered a drink while everyone there looked at me trying to figure out who the hell I was to command such respect.

  2. We went to a black tie affair in the UK for my hubbies work. SO many awful dresses and completely inappropriate dresses for a work-related function. Some women wore pants, others had boobs falling out...gah. I was feeling rather good (and somewhat smug) in my custom-made outfit.

    There was also a time I went to a meeting to potentially acquire the services of a multimedia organization. I was the only one in business attire -- the rest were pretty casual (as in, may have slept in their clothes kind of casual).

  3. Thomas that is the best story EVER. I am soo using that next time I want a seat in VIP!

  4. Ummmm...I work in State government, so I feel like that just about every day. That's just because most of the women I work with gave up on fashion long ago and have settled for comfort. Elastic waistbands, knit material...whatever they can get away with and still meet dress code. They'd show up in PJs if they could.

  5. Thats why I only lived in burbank for one year...

  6. Oh no!
    I'm usually the LEAST stylish person in the world--except when I'm with my in-laws!


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