Saturday, October 9, 2010

Question of the Day #712

As a precursor to tonight's 20th high school reunion, last night I went to dinner with five girls I went to high school with. I hadn't seen most of them in years.

C passsed out a middle school yearbook and a high school yearbook.

"Suzanne wins the award for biggest hair in both books," she said.

"Hey now," I reached for the middle grade yearbook and said, "If I recall correctly J had some serious bangs."

We flipped to J's page.

"Ooo, she could be a serious contender," C said.

Everybody laughed.

We caught up on marriages, kids, careers and everything in between over food and drinks. At some point someone said, "I can't believe we're almost 40."

"I hate the way that sounds," T said.

"Really?" I replied. "I like it."

"You do?" asked K.

"Yes. I loved high school and college and my 20's were great. But the 30's were hard for me. I'm looking forward to my 40's. As silly as it sounds, I'm hoping I'll finally blossom," I said.

Through the night, I talked with different classmates. Some of them glowed with newness and reinvention. Others are facing incredible challenges, but even so, are very self aware.

I think that's the beauty of getting older. Figuring out who you are and who you want to be. Being able to set boundaries and use the word "no."

What beauty do you find in getting older?



  1. I've been very comfortable getting older. I had so many wonderful older women in my life while I was growing up to show me the way. What I like best about it is that I just don't sweat the small stuff and as my dad used to say, "It's all small stuff."

    Not hanging on to emotional baggage frees one up to breathe and enjoy the myriad little things that make up one's day.

  2. I actually got lost going to Morristown going to an interview and had to get off 287 in BR to get gas.
    Pretty town, more rural than I thought....I think the wisdom of becoming 40 and beyond just through life's trial and error...Enjoy the reunion.

  3. Hope you have a great time!

    Since I'm now approaching 50, I can honestly say I loved the 40's. It was a time of discovery for me. And yes, perhaps a time when there is a balance between wisdom and those wonderfully stupid things we do and say.

    Worst part is the one I'm in now with the wonky hormones. Would love to get to the other side of this phase or at least have some idea how long it will last.

  4. I love the boundaries and saying no things . . . definite blessings of aging. In terms of attitude, maturity has its advantages. I don't care as much what people think (though I wish I cared even less.) And I've learned to let go of a lot of extraneous baggage.

    The worst part of growing older is the betrayal of your body. I am 37 in my soul. (At that age, you still look good and have accumulated at least a little wisdom.) And yet when my body screams in pain, I'm reminded what a dear friend once told me: After 50, it's patch, patch, patch.

  5. Wisdom, self-assurance, independence, and not sweating the little stuff -- hell, some days I don't even sweat the big stuff anymore.

  6. I am so much happier than I was in my 20s. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast in my 20s but my 30s (ahem...late 30s) have brought waves of love, self-awareness, clarity and freedom.

  7. Understanding to live in the present. I'm not sure at what point I gained that perspective--I think it was a gradual thing gained over my 60 years.

  8. Hmm. Had to ask this one today, did you? On the eve of my 40th B.D.? I guess I'm looking forward to this being the decade I sell a manuscript.

  9. I love being in my 40s. I'm not sure why that is. My husband complains about it, but it doesn't bother me in the least. There's no way in hell I'd want to go back.

  10. You said it - being able to say no and set boundaries is my biggest "like" with getting older. Another is realizing that life isn't about what it was about when I was younger, and I love how what's important in life seems to change as I get older. I love getting older, love it. I'm with you Suz.
    Sorry I missed you Friday night. :-(

  11. @ Ara : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    @ Suzanne : You must have/be having a great time judging by the late hour and no Sunday post yet! I'm so glad!!!

  12. Happy birthday!
    Here's to more courage and less worry!

  13. Thanks! And glad to hear the 40s are awesome, Rena! : )


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