Saturday, October 2, 2010

Question of the Day #705

This morning I woke to booming thunder. I mean crazy loud thundering thunder. That NEVER happens in So Cal. In the 16 years I've lived here, I have witnessed less than 10 thunderstorms and none of them have been booming loud.

I'm so used to not having real weather that when it comes, it's a shock.

Does it rain where you live? Do you have real weather? If so, what's it like right now?



  1. You've got to be kidding...I'm the first person to answer this!

    I live in NE Iowa (25 months). A month before we committed to moving here an F-5 tornado wiped out a neighboring town and damaged several other nearby towns. The day after we signed papers on our new house it flooded so badly here it made CNN...You might remember photos of buildings floating down the Cedar river crashing into bridges....We've had two big hailstorms since we moved here. So much rain that our basement flooded twice (this summer), the wind never stops blowing and then there is the winter....our first winter we had 52 inches of snow...I didn't keep track last February I quit blowing was exhausting...the novelty had worn off.

    When it's nice it's really nice, but when it's not IT'S NOT!

    But we don't have I guess that's a plus....

  2. Well I grew up in the tropics, so there have been some hurricanes.

    Where I am here in Texas, we don't get tornadoes (thank GOD!) but we do get big thunderstorms, hail storms, wind storms, we do have the occasional flood.

    I LOVE a good thunderstorm.

  3. Here in Vermont, you can change your clothes 4 times in any given day due to the weather.
    I do love watching a thunderstorm coming in from the west over the Greens. We did have abour 4 or 5 inches of rain thurs/fri. swelling the rivers and flooding the farmers' fields. Two foot waves are not too common on our little river. All is quiet now in the valley :)

  4. Sunny and 60's here in lovely Jersey! The rainy season has begun.

  5. Weather is beautiful here right now! I love weather. I love the excitement when it changes. Sometimes the change brings unwanted humidity or an inconvenient snow storm but change is good. : )

  6. We get the full monty here in Ottawa. 40 degree C and humid temps in the summer, -30 degree C in the winter. Torential rains (this Sept was the soggiest on record), flooding, wicked thunderstorms, tornados, hail, major ice storms (like the one in '98), snow storms and non-stop snow some seasons (throw in the odd earthquake). But when the weather is fine, it is really, REALLY fine -- and I wouldn't change the four seasons for the world. :)

  7. Today was alternating downpours and aunshine--about 50 degrees. It was mostly lake effect rain popping up over Lake Michigan, so 10 miles away it was probably mostly sunshine. We get 95 degrees in July, -10 degrees in January, tornadoes, blizzards (and not just the ones at Dairy Queen), fog, you name it. Just about everything but huricanes

  8. Today is perfect...mid 80's, not much humidity and all sun but we have all kinds of weather here in GA. We get awesome, booming thunder storms and often have tornado warnings & hail storms. Summer is brutally hot and humid. That combination can take your breath away. Spring and Fall are beautiful but both seasons offer their own challenges with extremely high pollen counts (seriously, check it out on any weather website) of whatever seasonal plant may be blooming. Even those who've never suffered from seasonal allergies are affected with miserable symptoms. Although I look forward to Spring and Fall, there is an element of dread. Southern Winters are nothing like Northern Winters but it does get cold with temperatures often dropping into the teens. It snows occasionally but there's rarely enough to make a good snowman or close schools.

  9. Same as yours, pretty much, generally uneventful, so the lightening last week was a trip.


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