Friday, October 29, 2010

Question of the Day #731

Last night, as H and I sat on the deck and talked out the week, a star streaked through the dark sky behind her.

"Oh a shooting star," I said, waving frantically.

But by the time she turned around, it was gone.

"Make a wish!" she said.

And I did.

When was the last time you saw a shooting star?



  1. Last August! We were sitting on a porch overlooking a lake in Maine when we looked up to see a bunch of shooting stars. It was some sort of meteor shower. What an phenomenal show!

  2. In August. We were up at Arches National Park during a meteor shower. Very cool!

  3. Just a couple of weeks ago. I'd gotten home from work and was about to walk into the house when I saw it shoot across the sky over my place. I thought to make a wish and couldn't think of anything I didn't already have. Past wishes must have already come true.

  4. My husband and I plan our summer vacation at the lake where we KNOW will see a shooting star. Last summer, we saw at least one a night. I love the outdoors :-)

  5. The last time I saw on the porch with you and H.

  6. Last time was in Arizona while visiting my folks, about a month ago - I see lots of them when I am there...mostly thou, what you are seeing is debris burning in our atmosphere and not actually a shooting star...but that is just a technicality...i hope your wish becomes true!!!

  7. Actually a couple of weeks ago hubby and I were at a star party and I saw a big, long-tailed shooting star. Beautiful. I was admiring it so much I forgot to make a wish. Guess I don't need/want anything more than I already have.

  8. Forever ago. I think we're just too close to the city lights to have much opportunity.


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