Saturday, October 30, 2010

Question of the Day #732

Last night, over delicious Mexican food and slammin' Cadillac Margaritas, D and I discussed writing and the entertainment industry on the whole. It can be pretty discouraging and confusing. One agent or development person will tell you your plot isn't good enough while another may tell your voice isn't strong enough.

I had a similar conversation with one of my writergirls yesterday. She's considering turning a novel in verse into prose because an agent and an editor suggested she do so. But I love her verse. Every word is perfectly chosen. It sings.

D and I discussed the fact that after awhile, we writers don't know who to believe. And as a result, there are moments when we don't feel good enough.

"But I don't want to worry about whether or not my work is 'great enough,'" said D. "I want it to be great for me."

And that is what keeps us going.

So, what craft/art/activity do you partake in just because you want it to be great for you?



  1. I write for an audience as well as myself. And even when I craft an off-the-wall, never-been-done-before, non-writing creation as I have of late, I want to give it to someone.

  2. Definitely my photography and I try to do that with my writing. It isn't easy though, especially when you get a diversity of feedback from beta readers and agents. Some may love your voice or how you start the novel; others think your voice sucks and your novel should start off light and breezy (even though it's more of a thriller/suspense). You can't please everyone, so you might as well please your self. ;)

  3. My writing is first for myself and next for the world. Do I want to be published? Of course. Would I want to change a book that "sings" in verse to prose--no. I'm sure the problem is that your writergirl friend is doubting that her novel sings after the editor and the agent suggested the change. If the novel worked well enough to warrent actual suggestions, your friend is doing something right. Having said that, I suspect that the editor and agent might just not be as comfortable working on a verse novel, as a prose novel. Total speculation. Could be it's Ellen Hopkins' editor and agent. Regardless, based on your few words, I believe in her novel in verse. There are other editors to love it in verse.

  4. Writing, I love, but I try to improve so an audience will enjoy it as much as I enjoy doing the writing itself. Crafts, though (mosaic, crochet, painting ceramics, etc), those are just for me.

  5. My garden. I get great pleasure from it although sometimes the work is overwhelming.

  6. My painting. I tried doing the "please the public" thing but they're so fickle, so now I just paint for myself. If someone likes what I do, they buy it, if not I enjoy it.

  7. My drumming. It is only for me, im not worried what music people in la or ny think.

  8. Tennis. I love the feeling of playing a really great game even if I lose.


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