Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Question of the Day #722

I love road trips. I've driven cross country five times. I've stood over red canyons in Navajo Territory, waded in the Smokey River in Tennessee and soaked in New Mexico hot springs while snowflakes fell from the moon.

But one of my favorite road trips is California's coastal Route 1. The road curves in, hugging mountains, and turns out to expose sheer drop after drop to an ocean so blue. I used to drive it every year, but it's been a while.

Maybe it's time to get in the car.

What's your favorite road trip?



  1. Trips across the country have always been wonderfully memorable but I also used to love the random day trips we'd down, destination unknown & looking for trouble. XOxo

  2. Panama City, FL during spring break when I was in college. Four girls, one old car.

  3. Coastal Route 1 is beautiful1 One of my other favorites is the Grand Titons. For Sunday drives, there are several here in the Hill Country of Texas that are quite stunning.

  4. Love road trips! I love Route 1 too, but it's almost too windy at times. So pretty though. One of my favorites is driving down to Yellowstone and Grand Teton. I get all the way down there and think, "Looks a lot like home." though. LOL!

  5. That's a tough one, there are so many.

    I love driving in the Vancouver & Victoria area of BC, but then also love driving across PEI.
    My favorite drive ever was the trip from Scotland, into northern UK, and then north Wales -- it was like driving in a fairy tale.

  6. I have to second Bish's vote for Grand Teton National Park. The mountains jump up out of nowhere as you approach, Jenny Lake is that clear mountain lake everyone thinks they can only see in a dream and the ravens we saw were freaky huge, but cool.

  7. Is the picture of the coast down by Caramel, CA? The best road trip we took...Started in Fayetteville Arkansas after I finished college. We drove west to Santa Fe, turned north to Denver, then turned east back towards Fayetteville. It was great...Mesa Verde was awesome!

  8. Beautiful.
    I've never been to Cali (oh, wait I was in Lake Tahoe, CA once), I want to go to the coast though!
    We do a lot of road trips with the kids. I don't love being in the car so much but it's okay. The destinations with them are more fun than the car ride :)
    My best friend and I drove from Florida to Illinois together last year. That was a fun road trip because we didn't stop talking the entire way!

  9. I've never been to California but I really, really want to go!

  10. All the roadtrips that get me to Montana. :)


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