Friday, October 1, 2010

Question of the Day #704

I'm stealing from the "If" book again. Openly admitting to dialing it in today. Here goes:

If you could discover one thing in your family attic, besides money, what would it be?

I'd like to find the rest of my Granny's cookware. I have a couple pieces of her pieces from the collection pictured above, but I'd love to have the rest. She wore a lot of red and the fact that her cookware was also red was so Granny. And when I use it, I feel like she's cooking with me.

That said, your turn!



  1. In the east coast it is common to turn the attic or basement into living space, so the attic became my brother's room. I would like his drive, his master's degree in economics and some of the old Lehigh U. football shirts he left behind...

  2. My aunt's camera equipment and the photos she published in Life magazine in the 1940s

  3. I would love to have back the whole stash of photos that I inherited from my parents, and once, in a rash fit of tossing, got rid of most of them. Some dated back to before 1900, and involved grandparents and great grandparents. What was I thinking?

  4. I would love nothing more than to find a simple story, or cherished item that would irrevocably speak to the characters of my grandparents. I lost both of my remaining grandmothers this year, lost my grandpa when I was 18, and never had a chance to know my other grandpa as he passed away after coming home from the war. Each of them has marked my life in very deep ways. I miss them all, and hunger to find anything that will help me to keep knowing them and to keep their memory alive.

  5. I'd love to find diaries, journals from those I never had a chance to know.

  6. I'd love to find a diary of my Grandmother's from her teen years. During that time she experienced a horrific tragedy and then met my Grandfather. They were madly in love for the nearly 75 years they were married. My Grandfather passed away at 92 and my Grandmother at 102. I miss them both very much.

  7. I like to find those childhood journals I burned.


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