Monday, October 11, 2010

Question of the Day #714

The delicacy pictured above is the Taylor Ham, egg and cheese sandwich I ate for breakfast yesterday.

It's freakin' delicious. And it's a Jersey thing. Taylor Ham is pretty hard to find in other states. I'm guessing that's because its sodium and nitrate levels are probably lethal. You can buy it online. But you probably shouldn't.

What food is indigenous to where you're from?



  1. Italian veal dishes...Red sauce from the natives in the south, we will leave the white sauce for the Milan/Venice folk...

  2. Koegel hotdogs with casings. The best and only hot dog I'll eat.

    Your sandwich looks yummy. It's okay. It's not like we eat these things every day.

  3. Ahh... the pork roll. Love it... from the n8blawg, June 23 entry...

    "Before we left Bridgewater, Panda made a gigantic breakfast that would have made the Food Network's Robert Irvine, host of Dinner Impossible proud. Mission: cook breakfast for 2 thru hikers at 9AM so they don't feel hungry again until 2:45PM. Mission accomplished. Eggs, pancakes, potatoes and from what I'm told, a favorite Jersey delicacy... Taylor Ham aka pork roll. Delicious. I'm a fan."

    For me, gotta be Hoodsie Cups in New England...

  4. I'm so glad you posted a picture! I was wondering what kind of sandwich it was from your ms.

    Around here, more recently, I guess I'd have to say fish tacos. Going back to high school, rolled tacos with guac were a big deal in San Diego.

  5. Huckleberries (though they are a NW thing)

  6. In the VI there are several local dishes. Souse, an artery clogging soup made with various fatty pig parts. Callaloo, a wild amaranth veggie steamed/boiled with pig tail and/or various kinds of seafood. Fungi, boiled corn meal and okra.

  7. That looks soooooo good. The only thing I can think of from around here is BBQ sauce. We have a lot of local brands.

  8. It's funny J.D. Dally, Jayno, and my friend mario, all from Jersey introduced me to the Taylor ham and Cheese. We got it from Poor boys every sunday for the football games. The sandwhich is great.

    Fish tacos are indigenous to San Diego where I'm from.

  9. Poutine (fries covered in cheese curd and gravy), and also the Beaver Tail (a flat sugary pastry).


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