Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Question of the Day #721

"They got married at Disneyland. The bride arrived in a pumpkin carriage and everything," said L.

"Wow. That sounds crazy," I replied.

"My friends got married in a cemetery. Now that's crazy," E said.

I, of course, immediately texted, "Wedding in a cemetery" to myself so I'd remember to ask the following question.

In what unique locations have you heard of people marrying?



  1. Skydiving. Yup. They say 'I do' and jump out of a plane.

  2. I had the pleasure of attending my friends wedding at Lake Powell. It is basically the end of the Grand Canyon, has more coast line that the state of California & is an indian reservation, so NO HOMES OR BUILDINGS. They were married in a traditional native american ceremony by a native american on a cliff top overlooking the water as the sun set. We all stood in a large circle, which represented the "circle of life". We chanted a few things and stoked incense into our lungs and over our heads.
    Later, via several house boats, grills & human effort, we ate like kings & queens.
    Here is a link to some images of lake powell so you can get an idea:


  3. I've got nothing that competes! Though, my best friend did get married in a cemetery and then honeymooned in Salem.

  4. A friend of mine got married on a rollercoaster.

  5. We did it in the front yard - with 2 weeks of planning and me saying things like "we're getting outfits?" and "you want flowers?" Came together just fine.

    No great stories here either. Most of the weddings I know about were fairly standard.

  6. Not a strange location (at their house), but they got married on Halloween and had a halloweent party. They had jack-o-lanterns lighting the place and people dressed up in costumes. Looked fun!


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