Saturday, May 29, 2010

Question of the Day #570

To celebrate my friend M, her boyfriend planned a birthday afternoon at Malibu Family Winery. There's an outdoor picnic area, live music will play and we'll be able to taste wine. So I'm whipping up some yummy food, packing a picnic bag and heading to the hills.

What a creative way to celebrate someone's birthday. It's not a dinner, a house party or a toast at a pub. It's something most of us have never done before.

Even though this winery is local, I didn't know it was there. Sure, I've been to Napa and Sonoma and enjoyed lush Northern vineyards and delicious wine. But sometimes, oddly, we tend to ignore local treasures.

What local treasures have recently come to your attention?



  1. Even though it isn't a recent discovery, where I live we've always had Storybook Land/The Land of Oz. This will always be a unique treasure that the locals here will appreciate.

  2. I found a fantastic vegan restaurant that is a true hidden gem. I also stumbled upon a wonderful nature center not too far from my house. Love discovering new places!

  3. A river that's just down the road from here. We drive over it all the time, but recently we went kayaking on it. There's also a bike path that runs along it, so it's nice to have places close we can visit.


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