Friday, May 7, 2010

Question of the Day #548

The Organic Writer, Yvonne Osborne, asked the following in her comment regarding yesterday's question about scars. "What do you think is cooler? A scar or a tattoo?"

And I realized that in 548 questions, I have never asked about tattoos. How is that possible?

I like tattoos but I don't have any. I've seen some amazing artwork that I'm really drawn to and I've seen some stuff that seems a little trite. But the cool thing about tattoos is that there are always stories behind them. And the tattoo that may look silly to me could mean a great deal to the person it's on.

A friend of mine is tatted everywhere and after I asked him about them, he said each one symbolizes a different period of his life and that all together they tell a story. I like that idea.

So, my first question is how do you feel about tattoos? Do you have any? Why or why not? And what do you think is cooler, a scar or a tattoo?

Thanks for the inspiration Yvonne!



  1. I love my tatts, and yes every one of them has a special and personal meaning to me. And yes, they all represent different periods of my life, much like postcards. I would have them all over if I was inspired by enough images/designs. I know that I'm certainly not done getting them! As for scars vs tattoos, the big difference to me is that tattoos are voluntary while scars usually are not!

  2. I do not have any tattoos. They always seemed so permanent to me. I love though when people's tattoos have special meaning. I know a guy that has a tattoo of pizza and beer because those are his favorite things LOL. How funny is that? I do think scars are cooler than tattoos though. No offense to everyone w tattoos - I don't mean to sound anti-tattoo. I love them, just not on me. :-)

  3. I don't have any tattoos, they just don't seem 'me'. Plus I fear what happens to them as my skin wrinkles and shifts. You know, I don't want to have to lift the flap of my 80-year old arm to show off a tattoo. When well done, I DO really like them on other people though - especially sleeves. I think scars and tattoos can be equally cool if there is a good story behind them.

  4. Hmmmm, I have a c-section scar (tmi?) and a small tattoo on my arse. I got my babies through the scar, so that is definitely more meaningful.
    I do like tattoos but tasteful ones in moderation. I think rock stars covered in tattoos are cool, but any other profession maybe it doesn't work as well?
    I would love to get another one, but my husband cannot stand tattoos. But I still might!

  5. As a badge of survival, scars are cool, but I can see someone who is badly disfigured not agreeing with that. I like some tats, but they don't always age well. Now, a tatoo to cover a bad scar would be kinda cool.

  6. I have a little flower on the top of my foot that I love. I got it when I first arrived in LA and it's a fantastic reminder of that time in my life. I don't have any need for anymore though. I think I'll be a cool grandma with a tat someday, no?

    Tattoos or scars? Hmmm...I've never thought to compare. I guess it's all about the story that's behind them. I mean, if you have a scar because you robbed an old lady...dat not cool.

  7. I have several tattoos that all represent different things for me but only one of them has any real meaning. My best friend passed away 3 1/2 years ago and throughout our life together he had always wanted to get a cross tattooed on his back. To honor him, I had a cross tattooed on my back, opposite my heart. I could feel his presence when I was having it done. It was the first "good" day I had since his death and I'm so greatful for that moment.

    I'm an artist and I love that I have art on my body forever. I definitely think tattoos are cooler than scars.

  8. ...but lisa d, if the scar is on your face in the shape of the applique flower from the old lady's handbag as she smoked you so hard you time travelled into the next week...that would be kinda cool. ;) :D

  9. I have a tattoo of Thumper, which is only seen when I wear a swimsuit. I have tons of scars, including one over my left eyebrow. Yes, they all have stories behind them. :)

  10. Hi Suzanne,
    How cool that you used my question. I don't have any tattoos. I'm afraid I'd get tired of it and then I'd be stuck. Or my little rosebud in the wrong place would turn into a hydrangea! I like Tricia's idea....a tattoo to cover a scar. Interesting conversation and I like the varying opinions.

    By the way, your question of the day is a really neat idea. 548? Wow. Rock on!

  11. No tatts for me. Not something I'd ever get, but that's not to say I think they're horrible or anything. Just not my thing.


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