Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Question of the Day #553

Every time I pull on the roll, the toilet paper holder in my bathroom squeaks. Loudly. It's been doing this for eons. And every time I go for a swatch I think, "I have to spray some WD-40 on that thing."

Then I leave the room and forget about it until the next time.

What household item in need of fixing do you keep forgetting about?



  1. Gotta hold down the lever or we don't get a full flush.

  2. If I remembered, I'd just go fix it!

  3. My issue is replacing the screen in the sliding door. The kicker is, I replaced it last year and not even a week later, a small visiting child punched right through it by slamming on the screen. I have the new screen for's just that my heart isn't into fixing it. Gosh, it's been a year! ...maybe I'll get on that this weekend. ;)

  4. For starters, I need to change the kitchen light fixture from ceiling to chain mount to get more light on the kitchen table. Then there's....(whats the character limit on blog responses???)

  5. Need to replace a light bulb in son's room! It's getting harder to read to him at night, but by that time I'm too tired to fix it! 1/3 lightbulbs are working in his ceiling fixture. Better yet, I'll put it on my hubby's to dolist!

  6. Not sure really. Most of my to do list requires cleaning. UGH!


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