Sunday, May 2, 2010

Question of the Day #543

H made me cupcakes.

H does not bake. H hates sweets, especially chocolate. But she knows that chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing are my favorite. When she couldn't find any at the market, she decided to bake some.

H making me cupcakes is one of the best presents I've ever gotten because she flexed her comfort zone to do something nice for me.

When was the last time somebody did something they wouldn't normally do just because they knew you'd enjoy it?



  1. H that is so sweet!!! Love her!

    Maybe when my friend ordered key lime pie the other day, knowing I love it and he doesn't. I think he totally ordered it for me. :-)

  2. Also when Paul comes to Home Depot or the garden store with me. He hates it, but he comes if I ask him to. Because he knows it's more fun for me that way.

  3. Yay H!

    SZ got up with the kids this morning. Definitely out of his comfort zone.

  4. My husband cleaned the cat box AND the shower (both normally my job) over the weekend. Woo hoo!


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