Saturday, May 8, 2010

Question of the Day #549

I recently saw an Oprahsode where Richard Branson was interviewed. He gave a tour of his private island where he and his family live. Like the guest house pictured above, most of the rooms don't have walls. Serious indoor / outdoor living.

I could do that.

I'm not saying a private island is my dream. But living where it's so warm all year around that I don't need walls, coupled with breathtaking water views is definitely a dream for me.

What is your dream home like?



  1. A treehouse:) Actually, a series of treehouses connected together.

    I love the indoor/outdoor thing too. We visited a friend's house in St. Johns (fancy, right?) and the whole front wall rolled up like a garage door. It was heaven!

  2. Lots of light with views, sounds & scents of the ocean. Far enough away from the stress of a big city but close enough for convenience of every day life. Hmmm? Sounds a bit like Malibu or Maui. Ahhhh...some day.

  3. A log or fieldstone cape cod house with a quebec sloping roof surrounded by a nice mix of deciduous trees, rolling hills and fields/meadows. Maybe a creek running through it too. The property would lend itself to hours of exploring. There would be a great porch to enjoy the views. On the inside, the furnishings would be relaxed and there would be a fantastic fireplace.

  4. Ooo. Simply V. I'm coming over to play at your house! Nature to explore, a porch for porch talk and a fantastic fireplace to make puzzles by. Sounds heavenly!

  5. No walls? How do they keep mosquitos and other bugs away? I like my nature as God intended it - viewed through a screen. ;^)

    My perfect house would be by the ocean. In fact, I see my perfect house every time I visit Virginia Beach. It is the one hold-out, normal-sized house on the oceanfront in a line of modern, expensive showpieces.

  6. S, that description sounds familiar!

  7. I like the private island idea ...


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