Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Question of the Day #559

Only one in ten of you liked the template I switched to yesterday. And I'm no dummy. I want my bloggers to like their surroundings, so we're back to familair territory today.

Kelly mentioned that she's resistant to change. A little QOTD lightbulb went off in my head thinking, "Ooo, we haven't explored change." Thanks Kelly!

When it comes to little things, change doesn't bother me. Like let's say H and I have a plan to go to a certain restaurant and then we realize it's closed for a private party. No biggie. We go somewhere else.

But big change can be hard for me if I don't want it to happen. Like if, let's say I'm excited to move into a great new place. I'm all for change. But if I have to move out of a great place and it's not my choice, like the landlord sold it and is kicking me out to rent to new tenants, I'm not liking that change.

So I guess it all depends on the change situation.

How do you deal with change?



  1. I throw a temper tantrum and threaten to hurt people. Just kidding.
    Someone once told me that "nothing is random" and when something in my life is changing and I'm feeling nervous or stressed or angry about it, I remember this phrase. But before you go giving me a Gold Star, I must confess, I do...sometimes...throw a fit. Luckily my hubby has headphones.

  2. PS - Thanks for reverting back to this design. Much friendlier :-)

  3. Here's a question within the question:

    Do you think that the third comment is some sort of spam? Because it could relate to change. A "change might be painful but it could heal you" kind of message?

  4. The only thing constant is change in our lives....

  5. I feel like I would like change, but it always seems to come with such a punch. Maybe because when it's good change, we don't think of it as "change" so much as advancement, success, renewal.

    Maybe "hating change" is really a code for something that happens to us, instead of something that we initiate.

  6. I don't like when change is forced upon me, but if I'm part of the decision, I am usually okay with it...at least with time!
    I also find that even if I am resistant at times, change can be good sometimes. A few years ago I needed a new computer. My husband wanted me to get a laptop, I wanted a pc on the desk. He convinced me to get the laptop. Thank GOD! I didn't like it for three days, then I loved it!

  7. Personally, I can live without all the polka dots. That's because I'm so easily distracted.

    As for change, I'm with you: forced change ticks me off. I don't like me when I shift into fret mode.

  8. I've wondered about the 3rd commenter...hmmm...I say, spam-o-rama.

    I'm getting better with change as I get older. Although, aren't you supposed to get stuck in your ways as the years pass? Anyway, I still kick and scream if I'm not completely onboard and even if I'm am, it still takes time to shine in the new situation.

    A friend once told me, when you make a big change, you need to give it 3 years. He was talking geographical change but I think he's pretty right on with most major changes.

  9. I'm a believer that all things happen for a reason. I've been through enough change in my life, both good and bad, immediate and long-term, to become pretty adaptable. I'm usually very analytical towards change and look for new opportunities in the change.

  10. Love change, otherwise I get bored. But I like to affect the change, don't like change "happening to me" as much as me making the change happen. But I truly believe everything happens for a reason so try to frame it in terms of that...

  11. I liked the new template you tried, Suzanne--I just didn't have a chance to weigh in. I guess that's because I like change, since I get bored with having the same old thing all the time. Which is why my hair never stays the same cut/color, either. : )

  12. Little changes don't bother me too much. Big changes are harder, like losing a loved one or pet. I hate those changes.


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