Friday, May 28, 2010

Question of the Day #569

Last night H and I discussed relationships with J.

"My girlfriends will say, 'why isn't he calling me?'" said J. "And I'll respond with NMTOT (nimtot)!"

"NMTOT?" H asked.

"No more time on that!" J said.

H and I laughed.

"I like that one. I'm writing it down," I said.

What crazy acronyms do you and your people use as code?



  1. I work for the government - we have a manual of acronyms! But what makes me laugh harder is my stepdaughter's teen speak - cake faces and powder faces are the girls who wear too much make-up. Oy.

  2. My kids say OMG all the time. But that's about it!
    I used to write LYLAS on my letters to my friends and still occasionally do for fun! (Love ya like a sister). I'd also sign lylas to letters to my sister. ;)

  3. Ever since I can remember my sisters and I sign cards to our parents and each other using... YFD = Your favorite daughter, YFS = your favorite sister, YFSIL = your favorite sister-in-law... you get the idea. :)

  4. My office mate and I tend to IM with each other a lot...which is kind of stupid, but hey, it keeps us entertained. So through this mode of communication, we have been playing off the LOL code. So we have SOL (snort out loud), GSOL (giggle-snort out loud), PMPOL (peed my pants out loud)...and it goes on, and on in a ridiculous manner. Half the fun is trying to guess the abbreviation. :)

  5. For a while after my kids were babies I couldn't read a book or watch a movie where the baby died. So my husband and best friend would only suggest things that were DBF - Dead Baby Free.


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