Thursday, May 20, 2010

Question of the Day #561

I just read an article in which the theme is at any given moment there are hundreds of things worth documenting. Why don't we see if that's true?

Interesting Detail #1 - As I washed my hands, a ray of sunlight in the bathroom mirror shocked me. It's been cloudy May Gray for weeks now. I can't wait to get outside and go for a walk.

Interesting Detail #2 - One of my roommates just emerged from his room and said, "Oh my god, it's sunny out!"

Interesting Detail #3 - Many piles of manuscripts and training manuals on my desk need unpiling.

Interesting Detail #4 - It is so quiet here. You'd never know I live in a city.

Interesting Detail #5 - Someone's cooking eggs. I love the smell of breakfast being cooked.

What details about your surrroundings are worth documenting?



  1. Wow ... this post rings so true today (and every day!). I just documented one from this morning on a blog post ... about budding writers in the first and second grade that I visited this morning!

  2. Nice mix of sensory detail there, Suzanne. You must be a writer ;-)

    Interesting detail #1 - I baked banana bread in heart shaped cookware last night. Brought one to work and ripped off a piece to eat. The remaining half is jagged, resembling a "broken" heart.

    Interesting detail #2 - through the narrow window across the room, I can see fat rain drops falling. Looks like tonight is another writing night - my muse enjoys the gloomier weather.

    Interesting detail #3 - one of my pens had a mini explosion and my keyboard is now smeared with blue ink. It doesn't rub off with saliva and my fingertip.

    Interesting detail #4 - I am the only one who could decipher the chaotic filing system on my desk. I'm too tired to unlock the code this afternoon.

    Interesting detail #5 - my screen is blurry despite its impressive size because I stayed up until 3 am writing and woke at 5 to get ready for the day job.

  3. That's fun! Thanks for stopping by and reading about Mark's webinar. :)

    I write down details when I'm on a trip. I recently found a stack of sticky notes with the very small details I had jotted down on a plane landing at a very small airport in England.

    Those little details will be evident in your manuscripts...details are very important!

  4. ID1: It feels so good to finally wear shorts.
    ID2: Listening to my daughter play with my son is hilarious. She just exclaimed, "I love parties! It's break time!"
    ID3: Another empty Gatorade bottle from a baseball game is sitting on the toybox. When will my children learn to throw away their stuff?!
    Fun stuff, Suzanne!

  5. The winds are picking up, making my windchime collection sing.

    I used leftover coffee from this morning to make iced coffee for lunch.

  6. The glare from the dining room light is revealing all of the smudges and smears on my cell phone display.

    All I can hear is my neighbor mowing his lawn in the dark (a regular habit of his) and instantly I start singing Night Swimming from REM but in my head it is "Night Mowing..."

    I smell fresh cut grass. Ahhhhh.

    I just felt bubbles on my tongue from my the frosty BL I just chugged.

    My daughter's Daisy smock on the table reminds me that I forgot to sew her new patch on. $#@%!!

  7. Peepers making lots of music.
    My eyes are feeling very heavy. Time for bed.
    My feet are cold. I need socks.
    Tic toc tic toc, the regulator clock keeps time.
    My reflection in the kitchen window.
    Sleep tight :)

  8. -I have been washing my hands so much they are dry. I must put some lotion on as soon as I finish this entry.
    -I love my job soooo very much.
    -I love listening to the people talking in the office outside mine. I'm learning a lot about them via my eavesdropping, and I'm really liking them more and more.
    -Kitchen projects are expensive but I think worth every penny. I have my kitchen renovation blueprints on my desk right now. I keep them nearby always. :-)
    -I have a healthy amount of good anxiety for a big meeting I'm running later today, and I thrive off this feeling.
    -I have another healthy amount of good anxiety since the weekend is almost here and the weather is unbelievably gorgeous.
    -I find it funny that I am always going, going, going, traveling, working... and I'm so excited that I have zero plans for this weekend and can just chill in the yard with my husband to garden & grill and such.
    -I feel awesome. :-)

  9. My birds, definitely! Watching the baby robins grow and leave their nest. Watching more baby robins hatch. Watching the mothers flit around in the tree above trying to divert my attention from their babies and watching the worms being pulled from the ground to be feed to the baby birds.
    Just came over from Rena's blog. I write MG and picture books.


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