Thursday, October 1, 2009

Question of the Day #330

I'm hold with the IRS. Sounds like a drag, but surprisingly, every time I call them (and unfortunately, that's a lot) they're friendly, they give clear instructions and they solve whatever problems I have.

That's funny because the first time I had to deal with them, I seriously dreaded it. Kinda like the last time I went to the DMV. I cleared a whole afternoon in fear I'd be stuck there, but since I'd made an appointment, I was in and out in half an hour.

What organization have you dreaded dealing with and ended up happily surprised?



  1. None stick out in my mind at this time but I will say that I have found that most people will treat you with respect if you treat them with respect first. I have found a few exceptions though but they weren't positive so I won't mention them. :)

  2. Social Security. Actually the person I dealt with was lovely, but it took forever to clear up a problem. Any time I have worked with the IRS they were very helpful. But, boy, that first letter you get from them is Scary!!!

  3. How funny that you should ask this question today. I've been feeling suffocated by all the crap in my house and on Monday I finally found the energy to start to tackle it. Ironically I was home sick and all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch TV. I felt like the crap was staring at me and I couldn't relax. Both kids were gone so I manged to get a good start. Now I've got some momentum and I'm feeling pretty good about the whole project.

  4. The back line to the IRS in Fresno is 559-452-3201. It might help speed up the process...Good luck.

  5. I second the DMV vote. I have been pleasantly surprised with them each and every time. But then again I go mid-month to avoid the month-end rush.

    The SS office was fine, easy, organized, and timely but what a scary bunch.

    What I was MOST impressed with was the passport renewal process. Especially since now Americans traveling via air or ship need a passport to go to Canada and Mexico, and as a result there was a surge in applications... yet my renewal (all done thru the mail which was a bit of a concern for me) went off without a hitch, was completed even quicker than I had expected, all documents were returned to me as I had sent them in, etc. I was shocked. Thanks passport control! :-)

  6. You said organization and I read it as organizational task, haha. You can see where my mind is.

  7. Customer service at American Express. Last time I called, I was all prepared to fight, but then they totally helped me out and everything was happy.


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