Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Question of the Day #342

I just realized I have a middle seat. Everybody hates a middle seat, I know. I'm just hoping I won't get jabbed and smooshed for the next six hours.

I'm a big fan of window seats. I lean my head against the wall and knock out during most flights. But unless I plan to snooze on a stranger, that probably isn't going to happen today.

What's your seat preference when flying and why?



  1. Aisle because sometimes I get a little claustrophobic, plus I have to visit the little ladies room quite often. I like the freedom of the aisle seat.

  2. Window seat, all the way! I love looking out the window, seeing the stuff we're passing over, even if it is a pain when I have to climb over everyone to reach the restroom.

  3. I want the aisle seat for the same reason as Kristen.

  4. Ah, interesting question. What time of day and how long a flight enter into my decision. daytime window and night aisle, with flight length as the unknown factor :) which could change my decision!
    I have flown just a VERY few times in first class, But the last time we did (with airline miles) I couldn't believe the luxury. (very different from any other time!) When flying to London, a night flight, my space was incredible!! Like a little pod, chair reclines totally into a bed, TV, Chair for a visitor, anything you wanted to eat or drink at command.
    CRAZY good! We are saving or miles diligently again, but this time it needs to be a much longer flight! I didn't want to sleep on the way over. It was tooooo wonderful!

  5. I dislike the 3-seat setup entirely.

    I prefer the window seat so that I can look at the world from a different perspective, I can make sure the wings aren't on fire, and rest my head if need be. AND no worries about the bar cart whacking into me, nor do I have to find a place to look (other than the attendant's midriff/arse) whilst food is being served. I have never used an airplane toilet...so I am quite comfortably snug in a window seat.

  6. Window ... so I can see out of it!

  7. The responses cracked me up! I like a good window myself.

  8. I love the window seat because I really like to look outside while we're flying. If I don't have it, I tend to look over the person next to me long enough to make them uncomfortable, so it's just better for all considered if I get my way on this one.

  9. I have always preferred the window seat. Now that I have kids, I usually end up on the aisle.


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