Saturday, October 10, 2009

Question of the Day #339

I witnessed my brother's football team obliterate their opponent today. 43-17. It was awesome to watch him make the calls, encourage the kids and rock the field.

It was strangely nostalgic. Strangely, because I never attended football games when I was in high school. My girls and I were too busy partying to bother with Friday night lights or Saturday afternoon bleachers.

But I watched the cheerleaders with fascination, bumped to the marching band's tunes and jumped up and down and screamed like a batty chick when number 23 ran a 52 yard touch down.

I was a pro high school football fan. And it made me wonder if you bloggers went to football games in high school? Or was it not your thing either?



  1. I was on the drill team who did the flag ceremony and half time for football games. I usually stayed because we were encouraged to do so to "show other school programs our support." I would usually hate the people who stood around talking and socializing instead of rooting the team on. I'm not as big of a sports fan now because the fanatics have ruined it for me, but I did love dancing at half time and a good game full of intense plays.

  2. Not football. Not basketball or baseball. But I did watch a lot of softball - not school teams though. My brother played. My dad played. I played - briefly when they were down a few players. So it all revolved around softball. Same for college when my friends played.


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