Sunday, October 4, 2009

Question of the Day #333

We're all exhausted. So I just threw it out to the Team Stacie members watching the Patriots in the living room, "I need a question."

H said, "What was your favorite cereal as a child?"

Stacie yelled, "Fruity Pebbles! And what about Boo Berry? And Count Chocula?"

"Lucky Charms!" Angel yelled.

"Fruit Loops!" Said H.

"No, no, the question should be 'what cereal makes the milk taste the best after the cereal is gone?'" Stacie yelled.

"Coco Krispies!" Said Alli.

"Apple Jacks!" Said H.

Now, there is a heated debate in the living room. Over kiddie cereal. Seriously.

And guys wonder what women talk about.

Alrighty then...what was your favorite cereal as a kid?


P.S. - Angel just said, "Oh my god! we should have a cereal party..." No lie.


  1. "We are the Freakies. We are the Freakies. And this is the Freakie's tree. We never miss a meal. Cause we love our cereal." Boss Moss, his moll Cowabunga, and the rest of the gang - the names escape me this morning.

  2. Cold: Frosted Flakes (are grrrreat!!!) That answer probably dates me.

    Hot: Oatmeal

  3. Hot: Oatmeal, because new england winters are damn cold....

  4. A cereal party is a brilliant idea!! Can we please do that during my next trip out West...please??!! Favorite cereal...I'm with Angel...Lucky Charms. After all, they are magically delicious! Favorite post cereal milk...probably Apple Jacks. :) Have fun, Ladies!!! XO

  5. I remember begging my mom for Cookie Crisp. Due to incessant begging, she broke down and bought it once. Freaken' delicious. But seriously, it was cookies & milk for breakfast. What a brilliant marketing idea! I also remember a college experience with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Yum!

    Cereal party? Why can't I wrap my head around that? Party = beer. Beer + cereal...eeeeewwe.

    Love to the ladies of TS!

  6. Frosted Flakes and I still break down and buy them sometimes - for the kids.

  7. Cookie Crisp and Lucky Charms. MMMMMM


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