Sunday, October 25, 2009

Question of the Day #354

There's another Team Stacie event in Rhode Island today. Tons of people are gathering to tailgate, enter raffles and participate in auctions as they watch the Patriots play. I'm very excited to hear all the details.

Incorporating the team Stacie used to cheer for in an event is an awesome idea. We've gotten some inquires from people wondering how they can support Team Stacie. Do you have any creative ideas about how to fund raise?



  1. Right now I am raising money for the Good Neighbor Fund. They buy toys for children who wouldn't otherwise get any at Christmas. I put on dinners and ask for donations. Some people really dig deep and pay 10.00 for a hotdog, chips and a cold drink. There are some really great people out there. The link wouldn't work from my computer but it is most likely me.

  2. Over the years I helped to raise $$$$$ for domestic violence. Not easy. Need to know those who CAN REALLY help.
    But with the new tech stuff that has blossomed in recent years, the world is smaller and contact hopefully is easier.


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