Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Question of the Day #356

Yesterday, it was 85 degrees and sunshiney. The ocean sparkled true blue and the sunset made the craziest streaks in the sky. A number 11 of orangey clouds.

The warmth inspired Monday Funday. That's what happens when your weekend starts on Sunday night. Monday becomes Saturday.

So, H, P, T and I got together to celebrate the heat, the sun and the water. And I, as always, took notes. I constantly write down quotes and questions. Anything I hope will sound equally profound the next morning.

And my scribbles show that yesterday, at one point, T said, "I'd rather be hated than ignored."

Now I'm not sure which I'd rather be. But I do know I don't like being ignored. I'm not a big fan of being hated either, but I can't deny that I may have given some people reason at one point or another.

What about you? Would you rather be hated or ignored?



  1. Yikes...what a choice! I guess if I had to choose, I would choose being hated. At least you usually know why someone hates you and you can deal with that. But being ignored? Ugh, you never get any closure.

  2. Wow. Hard choice, but I'd have to choose to be ignored over being hated. It just tears me up if I find out someone doesn't like me, especially if there's nothing I can do about it.

    Have a happy weekend! (Well, your version, at least...)

  3. Great question! Definitely hated - it makes me crazy to be ignored. At least if someone hates me I can choose to not care but if someone ignores me I need to know why and end up spending way too much energy on why I'm being ignored.

  4. Neither, if I have a choice because either way, the person loses. Sad.

  5. Hated, because that means I am important enough for them to make a judgement on me. And in the future I can take that hatred and turn it around into like/love. Ignored to me means I'm not important enough for someone to spend time on me and that is just not cool. And anyway, hatred usually equals jealousy so whatev...

  6. Interesting question here. I'll say hated, since every once in awhile, hatred can come full circle and bloom back into affection. Being ignored, though? That's when you know the person just doesn't care one way or the other.

  7. I think ignored. It would be too difficult to live with myself knowing I've done something to make people truly hate me.


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