Monday, October 19, 2009

Question of the Day #348

The modem and equipment for the DSL came today. I worked on it for two hours and couldn't connect. I finally bailed and sought Internet service elsewhere.

And I'm annoyed. Tech stuff makes me feel like a dinosaur. Blackberries make me nervous. They're like a whole other language. A techy world I can't begin to understand.

What makes you feel like a dinosaur?



  1. When high school boys wit woo me. It's happened on SEVERAL occasions. I should be happy about it but nothing makes me feel more creepy than being a cougar to the illegal aged kids.

    Also, my knees. They ache like a 90 year old's. Slightly ridiculous.

  2. Malls -- silly, I know, but I don't go to them hardly ever. When I do, I feel so out of touch with reality. LMHO!

  3. Watching the new Melrose Place.

  4. That my flower girl is now getting married and my son is her ring bearer!

  5. Being in college with people half my age. And the look on that guys face Saturday night when I said I've been married for 9 years.

  6. it's got to be the techy stuff for me - can't figure out lots of things. Guess am not a gadget person!

  7. Anything techy!!! So not in my world :(
    Also going clothes shopping. I used to have great advise from my daughters. Now I'm on my own. Not good.


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