Thursday, October 8, 2009

Question of the Day #337

I'm heading to Jersey in the morning to become a fairy godmother. Okay, a normal person would say she's becoming a godmother, but whatever. Normal is overrated.

I'm very excited to see family and friends, but most of all honored to be chosen to guide this little one during her life journey.

What does being a godparent mean to you? And are you one? Or how do you feel about yours?



  1. Being a godparent is totally all about being a fairy godmother. And gives you the right to totally over-spoil your godchild. Enjoy!! Such an honor!!!

    How long are you in NJ????????? Can we meet up?

  2. I am honored to be a godmother to my best friend's daughter. I feel special to be part of her life in this way!

  3. What a lucky little girl Sophia is!! It is such an honor - have a wonderful time!
    Ps... I've got 4 God Kids!

  4. I am one to two precious children! I love it ... such a special role to play in their spiritual life!

  5. Personally, the church's view of baptism and godparenthood is not for me. This explains why my daughter doesn't have a godparent, nor is she baptised. Instead, I would rather hope that all of our family and friends will play a role in being there for her throughout her life, without the formality.

    But I do recognize that many others feel differently than me...and that's all good.

    I hope you have an amazing time...and I can't think of anyone who would be a better fairy godmother to little S than you big S!! :)

  6. Great question because I think it does very much vary from person to person. For me, it means always being there for them but there is definitely a spiritual element as well. My SIL and I have discussed how we want our children to be raised. We both want our kids to be raised Catholic (as we were) but to be exposed to as many religions as possible. We want our kids to decide what is right for them and not to cohere to one religion just because that is how they were raised. I guess we both believe that being a loving, honest person and respecting one's spirituality is paramount. We promised each other we would do that for each other's children. We are very similar in our thinking, making our arrangement very easy.
    Enjoy your every moment with your precious little godchild!

  7. My Goddaughter is my Godmother's daughter. For over a year, my Godmother has been fighting a horrendous battle with soft tissue cancer. I've been closer than ever to both of them... even if they live in New Jersey. I'm not sure what makes someone a good Godparent, but I know I like being one and having one.

  8. I loved my godmother. She was loving and we had quiet fun together. I still can see her beautiful face. It brings tears. She didn't speak English very well, but sometimes language is overrated. Love you Tia T.


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