Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Question of the Day #335

I'm meeting with my critique group tonight and I'm totally psyched. J has been working on this twisted mystery for a while now and today I get to read the entire manuscript. I'm dying to know how it ends.

What story, whether it's book, film or TV, are you totally sucked into?



  1. I was so into True Blood, but the season ended...But Nip/Tuck is starting soon that will keep me entertained!

  2. For me, it's an author: I've been reading Holly Black, and I'm so excited, because VALIANT is waiting for me on hold at my local library.

  3. For my short attention span, it would be a half hour sitcom. I can't stay focused long enough to get thru a book or movie lately. I am currently addicted to the stories of Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, and How I Met Your Mother.

    I know, not very intellectual of me but after work the last thing I want to be is smart or have to think.

  4. I wish I were sucked into a good book right now. Am kind of in a dry spell. I'm reading Pigs in Heaven by Barbara Kingsolve. The first book I read of hers was The Poisonwood Bible. I could not put that book down! But I am disappointed with P in H :( Just can't seem to really get into it.

  5. The boys and I are reading My Side of the Mountain right now in school. That's the one where the teen runs off to live in the mountains and makes his home inside a hallow tree truck. I love stories like this. I wish I could find a tree to live in for a year or so ...

  6. LOST! My family has watched it through once and is now watching through it another time until the next season comes out on DVD.

  7. No books for me right now but CSI Miami is at the top of my list for TV shows. I need to get my daily dose of H. :)

  8. I've been reading a couple of YA novels lately. The book The Princess and the Hound has been refreshingly unpredictable so it kept my attention span! Unfortunately, I left it at work so I couldn't finish up the last 10 or so pages. Talk about torture.

    The book to get me out of my reading dry spell, though, was Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. I am in LOVE with Hiyao Miyazaki's film adaptation so I thought I'd give the book a go. At first I was expecting Howl to stop being so lame/whiney but in retrospect I appreciate that Ms. Jones kept all of her characters flawed. I was still in love with Howl in the end.

    The movie/tv show that had me hooked recently was another book adaptation. This time it was for the novel Cranford. The novel was a bit dry for me and I gave up about 1/2 way through. Luckily I had already had the dvd on hold at my library so I went to pick it up even though I thought I wouldn't like it. Now I can't get over it. That movie/tv series is AMAZING!!!! I HIGHLY recommend it!!! Miss Pole is my favorite character. Ever.


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