Sunday, October 11, 2009

Question of the Day #340

I used to have a friend who wouldn't talk to anyone after the Yankees lost a game. I also dated a guy who seemed to go into a trancelike depression when the Red Sox were defeated.

That dude's probably a zombie today.

I'm sad about the Sox. It's a bummer when my team loses a big game. But I don't go catatonic.

How do you react when your sports team doesn't win?



  1. I'm usually disapointed for little bit but i do try to remind myself that it's only a on to football season...GO PATS!!

  2. It's only a game. I get on with my life. But my brother is like that - if the Jets lose forget it don't even think of calling him. Same with my husband and Penn State. Whatever.

  3. You mean the Bad News Braves? Well it just becomes natural.

  4. I'm not into sports that much, but I do like watching the big games like the Super Bowl. I don't get too bummed out either way though.


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