Saturday, June 20, 2009

Question of the Day #227

Last night, I worked at the pub for a little while. It wasn't crazy busy, so when S took over around 6:30, I sat with H for a little bit. Then C came in and had some dinner with us. Then an anniversary party for some regulars started.

At that point, I started to think about going home so I could cook the 8 lbs of mac and cheese for a party I'm catering today. But then Tom and Brendan (the guys who threw Thursday's beach party) came in and I got sucked into their malarchy.

And right as I was about to make my getaway, Wendy blasted onto the scene, without her cast. I couldn't leave without hearing her retell her superhero story. But then it was clearly time to go. So I bolted for the back door and found that my car was blocked in.

Maybe it was a sign. For about 15 minutes, I walked the pub yelling, "Does anybody have a black jeep wangler parked in the back? You need to move your car." And finally, somewhere around midnight, some guy let me out.

Now I'm up and ready to make some serious mac and cheese. I probably should have gone home earlier and gotten more sleep, but every time I tried to leave something else sucked me in.

What place or activity always sucks you in?



  1. LOL @ black Jeep Wrangler. Hey, that's my car! Lately, my biggest time suck has been Facebook, especially that 101 Eggs & More application. I'm obsessed with the damn thing.

  2. There are three things at the top of my "get sucked in" list these days.

    1) The garden. A lovely thing to get pulled into.
    2) The Internet (login to check the weather and suddenly an hour has gone by).
    3) Tidying the house. It's so distracting when it's cluttered.

  3. The garden for sure... I take one step outside, next thing I know 2 hours have gone by. Oh and Costco.

  4. Facebook sucks me in. And reading blogs :)

  5. Definitely Facebook and searching the internet for healthy recipes for kids.

  6. The Internet sucks me in. Mostly reading blogs. I just can't tear myself away!

    FYI- I wrote a little more about Books NJ.

  7. The garden, hands down!
    spider solitaire is a second.

  8. I don't have TV, so I don't have the ability to tune it out when I'm forced to sit in the room with one. Dr.s visits, people's houses, bars, restaurants -- restaurants are the worst.

  9. For sure I 'm in the company of gardeners! It's the garden for me too! Then, it's the internet.


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