Sunday, April 26, 2009

Question of the Day #172

My friend Wendy is a superhero. In a cast. Last week, she went out for girls' night and some creepy guy came up behind her and began feeling her up. She spun around and punched the idiot in the face.

She broke a finger, but Lisa D, H and I are all very impressed that she actually threw down. We've all been groped inapproriately. We've thrown elbows, wriggled away and yelled at the slimballs, but none of us have ever had the courage, in that scary moment, to actually swing.

So, we'd like to know if you've had any courageous moments like that, when you've faced evil and actually had the guts to obliterate it?



  1. I've never punched anyone, though I've wanted to a few times. The most courageous moment I can think of is when I jumped into a moving car to pull on the brake before it slammed into a bunch of other cars. Definitely not the same thing as what you're asking though ...

  2. Why do guys think they can do that?
    I've never been so bold to punch...just give dirty looks and scowls.

  3. Wow, your friend Wendy has a lot of guts! I hope her finger will be soon alright. I don't think I'm that courageous. So I'm hoping to be spared from horrifying situations like that.

  4. I have never done anything physical like that but I did confront a co-worker once in front of our entire office.

    I volunteered for a special project which required that I work late lots of days. I didn't know this at the time I volunteered but the person I was to work with was a quite attractive young lady. My wife was 8 months pregnant at the time. Well this jerk that I worked with was always making inappropriate comments suggesting that this girl and I had something else going on. One day he actually interrupted us working and told me that my wife had just called. I ran to call her, thinking that something was wrong because of her pregnance. It turned out she hadn't called, he just wanted to "break us up so he could put the moves on her".

    Well the next morning at our office morning meeting I stood up and read him and everyone else the riot act. You could have heard a pen drop in that room when I finished. That took a lot for me to do because I am pretty shy.

  5. On my first date with my husband, we were in Boston celebrating New Year's Eve when a guy in our group got drunk and grabbed me between the legs. I punched him so hard he felt flat on his back in the middle of government center.

  6. Way to go, Wendy! I liked Greg's response too. If more decent guys stood up to such obnoxious behaviour, the work-place, and the world, would be a better place.
    As for me. I slapped a guy once on the streets of New Delhi and lay in wait for a guy at my work-place who was slipping dirty - and threatening - notes under the door of the women's loo. Couldn't catch him physically - he ran too fast - but reported him to management. He was roughed up a bit at work the next day by a couple of protective male colleagues before being sacked. I confess I did miss the pleasure of punching him myself.


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